Getsmartcoders has over a decade of experience in developing automobile software solutions to help companies deal with the dual challenges of costs and time to market. We strive to create innovative business ideas with cutting edge technology to suit the various process requirements as per evolving industry needs.

From advanced services like development of computing technologies, telematics solutions and prototyping, to the development of customer centric tools like Web Applications, CRM and ERP solutions, we are your single stop solution for all those game-changing software needs that will help you stay ahead of the competition. Our IT solutions for the automobile industry, have helped many of our clients leverage the most happening technology of their times and unlock their true potential as a market player.

We Specialize in End-to-End Automobile Software Development Solutions

E-Commerce, CRM and ERP Solutions

E-Commerce, CRM and ERP Solutions

We help streamline your communication channels by making the interaction between dealers, staff and the end customer more versatile with our software packages. ERP and CRM are the backbones of any organization today. We specialize in the implementation and fine-tuning of this invaluable tool. We also take full responsibility for your data security by preventing duplication. We complement this with software that is capable of integrating with other CRM based tools and plugins.

Services Include:
  • Implementation of a robust Contact management system to handle customer data.
  • A Lead management system that can help you isolate prospects from revenue generating customers.
Product Life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

The increasing complexity of product development is leading to the adoption of advanced PLM tools. We provide you with a comprehensive PLM solution that engages the various departments of your organization like never before. As a tried and tested automobile software solutions company, we specialize in lowering development and production costs for our clients with a smart PLM tool. You can leverage our diverse experience in this vertical to accelerate productivity across all domains of your manufacturing process.

Services Include:
  • Integration of applications, interfaces and processes across different organizational units
  • Cloud based collaboration
  • Cross platform support of the PLM system
  • Inbuilt ticket management system logging queries
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

As an automobile software solutions company, we build smart business intelligence tools to give you a holistic view of all your departments including sales outlets. This will help you manage your dealer network and company in improved ways. Additionally, our custom BI solutions provide you with the data you need to take more informed decisions.

Services Include:
  • Performance charts
  • Forecasting support
  • Intuitive dashboard Features
  • Analysis and review
  • Cloud and popular CRM integration
mobile Mobility Solutions

Automobile Mobility

We work closely with manufacturers and dealers to equip them with the right strategy to build next generation smart vehicles. With the services of an automobile mobility solutions company like us, you can bring the operational costs of your research and development programmers within control. We create tailored Automobile mobility solutions for your prototyping needs.

Services Include:
  • Native and hybrid smartphone application development
  • Built in GPS features
  • Customized Car Owner solutions with smart in app features
  • Road Traffic Solutions
  • Vehicle Blackbox software development
Website and Mobile App developemnt

Website and Mobile App

We provide comprehensive website development and mobile app development service to our clients. We build applications and websites with intuitive user interfaces to help you achieve better customer management, dealer management and other value-added services. We build websites and mobile apps to simplify your processes and at the same time make is user-friendly.

Services Include:
  • Responsive website design for Automobile Manufacturers.
  • Responsive website design for automobile vendors.
  • Hybrid and native smartphone application development with responsive features.
  • Custom features based on requirement of the app.
  • Social media integration.
Automation and IOT

Automation and IOT

The flexibility of automation and IOT devices allows for previously unexplored possibilities. With IOT devices and our automobile software solutions, we help you build an interactive ecosystem for your products. Smart systems like vehicle notifications using sensors can be developed in a much cost and time effective way. We develop comprehensive systems that make use of software outfitted with advanced algorithms to help you deliver the most sophisticated products.

Services Include:
  • Machine learning based software development for IOT systems.
  • Tailor made application for specific automation tasks.
  • Vehicle to vehicle communication system development.
  • Onboard Diagnostic systems.

Our IT Solutions For Automobile Industry Banks On a Well-Defined Process

Our clients outsource automobile software solutions to us because we follow a linear approach to the application development process. The following procedures are an outline of the development process that we follow:

Software Development Process by GetSmartCoders

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