Developing Highly Scalable Applications to Transform Customs Brokerage Management

Getsmartcoders has over 10+ years of experience in developing enterprise software suites for custom broking requirements. As a premium customs brokerage software development company, we specialize in the development of software packages for industry-specific custom brokerage tasks like invoice management, freight forwarding, document management and data entry. We bank on modern-day cutting edge technology to drive efficiency and accuracy of your customs brokerage operations.Our bespoke software solutions for customs brokers are designed to simplify the complexity of customs regulatory requirements. We build robust software applications with cloud support to streamline tasks involved in the customs clearance process and shipping. It is precisely because of these reasons that our clients prefer to outsource custom brokerage software development services to us.

Our End-to-End Customs Brokerage Software Development Services

Customs Invoice

Customs Invoice

Our tailor-made software applications are designed to make the management of export paperwork, invoices, seller documents and tax invoices simple and time-effective. Additionally, we pre-configure our solutions to take tariff, tax and property value details as per regulatory guidelines. From Purchase Invoicing to online filing of documents with the customs department, our software solutions are designed to address all tasks related to customs invoice

Services Include:
  • Support for multiple invoice formats
  • Hierarchy based layout that allows multi-level approvals
  • In built notifications and action items
  • Customizable templates with built in import and export function for greater control over document and invoice management
Customs Clearance Platform

Customs Clearance Platform

We provide a unified platform to handle the entire customs clearance process with systematic workflows. Our solutions are designed from the ground up to be compliant with the most updated requirements. From simple tasks like bill of entry generation, purchase invoicing to more complex tasks like calculation of tariff and tax structures, our solutions for the customs clearance process are based on smart modules that supply customs brokers with the right information at any given point of time.

Services Include:
  • Advanced reporting system in custom clearance
  • Software to compute Duty and Taxes
  • Support for integration with mainstream CRM systems
  • Solutions for shipment registration, classification and tracking
 Customs Brokerage Application Services

Customs Brokerage Application Services

We develop and customize Automated Broker Interface (ABI) applications to enable you to track all commercial goods accurately. We leverage our in-depth understanding of the goods import process to build a robust system that allows customs brokers to file import entries in a streamlined manner. With advanced features like consolidated entries, transmission of US customs declarations electronically and checking of manufacturer information, we provide a single stop all-inclusive solution with our ABI software suites.

Services Include:
  • Real-time automate updates on status, notifications, exchange rates etc
  • In built solution for validating, correcting, and confirming entries for accuracy
  • Solution for filing and follow up of claims electronically

Our Custom Brokerage Software Development Expertise

Having catered to numerous customs brokerage requirements, we possess an in-depth knowledge of the industry. This helps us provide assistance with business-critical tasks like the classification of submitted goods based on the HS code of the consignment, NAFTA certificate verification and B3 form building by streamlining the entire process with the use of custom applications. Functions like certificate verification reduce the risk of incurring penalties and we help reduce the risk with the inclusion of document management systems into the process.

We use Toriff, an advanced software suite, built on machine learning and a comprehensive understanding of HS codes to augment our customs clearance services. We have developed a software solution to manage the tasks of multiple companies. One such solution for a Canadian client allows Canadian customs brokers to carry out critical transactions with the Canada Border Services Agency and other government bodies like CADEX, OGD, ACROSS and RNS. Our most advanced solution for the customs and brokerage industry is currently in development. It is designed to handle the entire US Customs Brokerage Operations starting from the proforma invoices originating from the customer to the authorization of the customs duty payment by the ACH. It has integrated features that facilitate greater collaboration between users including document management systems, interfacing with insurance company CRM and ACS platforms.

Our Process of Developing Custom Brokerage Software Development Solutions

Software Development Process by GetSmartCoders

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