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Get Smart coders is a leading education software development company with more than 10+ years of experience in providing innovative and transformational e-Learning and educational solutions. From software solutions for admission to software solutions for maintaining academic schedules; from automated attendance management system to comprehensive library management system and from campus information application to content management systems, we have developed a host of IT solutions to meet diverse needs.

We bring together a great mix of experience, technical prowess and diligent support services to help institutions redefine learning outcomes. Our clients have leveraged our solutions to impart education to both traditional and non-traditional students such as company employees willing to upgrade their market-ready skills or even knowledge seekers constantly seeking to learn new concepts. No matter what the end-goal is, we have risen to deliver solutions that is easy-to-use, flexible to both instructors and learners, captivating and versatile enough for effective teaching

We Excel at Providing Comprehensive IT Solutions for The Education Industry

Learning management system

Learning Management System(LMS)

We develop tailor-made learning management systems with custom course management, performance evaluation and content delivery features. As an e-learning software development company with diverse experience in creating modern age e-learning solutions, we build LMS software suites from ground up with native HTML support.

Services Include:
  • E learning platform development
  • LMS mobile application development
  • Content delivery and content management system development
  • LMS design
  • Data visualization and reporting system development
Web Based Training

Web Based

As a premier E-Learning software development company we develop highly scalable web-based portals for educational institutions and corporate clients. We leverage proficiency with web-based technology is like JavaScript frameworks, HTML 5, Bootstrap, typescript and PHP to create web portals that deliver high-quality graphics intensive learning content to the end user.

Services Include:
  • Incorporation of self-paced tutorials
  • Development of custom portal features like autosave and suggestions
  • Integration of payment systems and e-commerce features
  • Cross platform and multi device support features
  • Multi format video player support
Course Design Development and Maintenance

Course Design Development and Maintenance

We design and implement bespoke course content as per the objective of your organization. We incorporate the use of techniques like video voice over quiz and games to create a unique user experience with our course design and development services. We are proficient with the end to end course design process.

Services Include:
  • Graphics design for course content
  • Assistance with advanced multimedia production process
  • Integration of Google search features and references with course content
  • Inbuilt quizzes animation and gamification
  • Course data hosting
Student information system

Student Information System(SIS) Development

We develop integrated student information systems for educational institutions with a wide array of custom features. Our knowledge of machine learning, deep learning and predictive analytics helps us precisely identify student preferences on the system. This enables us to develop a tailor made solution to fit your needs. We also incorporate a centralized record repository for better data management.

Services Include:
  • SIS Database Management and support
  • Integration of SIS with learning management system of the organization
  • Development of custom algorithms to enhance User experience
  • Development of support features like attendance tracking document management career counselling service
School management software development services

School Management Software Development

School management software is a novel way of bringing teachers, students, parents, classes and cultural events together. As a leading provider of e-Learning software development solutions to educational institutions, we specialize in the development of school management software. We create simple and easy to use software suites leveraging modern day web technologies and database maintenance frameworks.

Services Include:
  • Software for sms and email integration
  • Personalized access profiles for parents teachers and students
  • End-to-end document management system development
  • Integration of popular tools like attendance tracker gradebook report cards schedule manager and more
Educational Website Development

Educational Website Development

We are proficient in developing E learning websites and educational portal. Leveraging contemporary web development technologies like HTML5 and Javascript based libraries like Angularjs and Reactjs, we build highly responsive and dynamic websites that makes learning experience truly fun-filled. Our experience in developing education website gives us the intuition to develop better and more discerning websites.

Services Include:
  • Educational websites development with advanced class and student management system
  • Mobile education websites
  • Custom course curriculum design
  • Institute web advertisements and services promotion
  • Newsfeed and broadcast features

An Outline of Our Process Of Developing e-Learning Software Solutions

We follow a tried and tested process for the development of e-Learning Software Solutions.
The following steps are an outline of the development process that we follow:

Software Development Process by GetSmartCoders

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