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Media and Entertainment App development

Get Smart coders is a media software development company and a premium provider of IT Solutions for the entertainment industry. We have over a decade of experience in working with multiple global clients as a top provider of media and entertainment software solutions. As an ideal media software development company, we bring together a sublime blend of technological innovations and robust product support to help implement many software-based solutions

We have an impeccable track record of creating solutions for different verticals of the entertainment and media industry, ranging from content management to website and application development. Driven by the objective to develop solutions that return maximum user engagement and audience acquisition, we have emerged as a pioneering technology development partner that specializes in seizing early advantage with game changing technologies. It’s precisely because of this ability that our clients prefer to outsource entertainment software requirements to us.

We Drive Excellence with a Range of Media and Entertainment Software Solutions

Content Management System

Content Management System(CMS)

A superior content management system is the lifeblood of every broadcasting, publishing and video producing media organization today. We leverage our diverse experience of working with multiple content creators, to provide you with the ideal content management system. As a specialized media software services company, we build sturdy, multi-channel content management systems that are capable of handling your digital subscription and customer data, flawlessly.

Services Include:
  • Content management application with advanced predictive and suggestive features
  • Inbuilt content analytics and data visualization
  • Inbuilt machine learning algorithms for CMS
Media Mobile Application Development

Website and Mobile Application Development

We build mobile applications and websites with advanced user interfaces to give your business enhanced visibility in the highly competitive media and entertainment space. Added to this, is our expertise in SEO and SEM which gives your business the competitive edge it deserves to ride over the competition. Outsource your entertainment app development needs to us to successfully convert prospects into revenue generating customers.

Services Include:
  • UI/ UX design
  • Hybrid and native entertainment app development
  • Responsive website design
  • Search engine analytics support
Digital Asset

Digital Asset and Data Management

We create bespoke digital asset management software packages for mobiles, desktops and websites. We outfit an important tool like a digital Asset management system with support for photos, graphics, videos audio, multimedia and documents, to make it truly versatile. We also provide support and guidance on managing the data accumulated with the use of the Digital Asset Management System.

Services Include:
  • Metadata management
  • Data archival and retrieval services
  • Data Analytics and visualization
  • Technical Support for the Digital Asset Management System
Big Data

Big Data Analytics

If your organization is a media creator or a distributor, it is imperative for you to embrace the potential of big data analytics. We will help you unlock hidden insights about customer behavior and preferences with our understanding of Big Data Analytics. Using our Big Data Analytics services, you can send bespoke content to a designated demographic of customers.

Services Include:
  • Providing insights into customer behavior
  • Suggestions on bespoke content, based on a thorough analysis
  • Optimization of media streams
  • Ad targeting through user data visualization
Future Ready Technology Solutions

Future Ready Technology Solutions

As an innovative and a highly motivated provider of IT Solutions for the entertainment industry, we are also proficient with the use of technology that is ready to make waves in the near future. We are well versed in machine learning, deep learning, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Services Include:
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality apps for entertainment
  • Virtual reality websites
  • Applications based on blockchain architecture
  • App development with integrated machine learning

Our Entertainment Software Solutions Development Process

A dynamic industry like the media and entertainment industry requires a personalized approach to keep pace with its constantly changing environment. Our software development process for the media industry is based on agile or waterfall methodology. Our development process is as follows:

Software Development Process by GetSmartCoders

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