Advanced and Bespoke IT Solutions to Meet End-to-End Needs of the Fashion Industry

Getsmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in delivering reliable and cost effective IT services for the fashion and apparel industry. Our software and IT solutions for the fashion industry bank on our exposure in developing solutions for fashion products, vendor management and providing IT maintenance and support. We provide you with a host of innovative solutions to design and market your products effectively. At the same time, we provide comprehensive support to keep your IT environment healthy at all times.

From website and app development to cloud services and network management, our services are versatile, and successfully match up to meet all your organizational needs. We build custom software suites, perform analytics and provide you with insights on your product lifecycle to help you optimize your revenue. It is because of this end-to-end support that our clients prefer to outsource IT services for fashion and apparels industry to us.

Our Holistic Solutions for the Fashion Industry

fashion Application and Website Design and Development

Application and Website Design and Development

We leverage the latest technologies in web and mobile app development such as HTML5, CC3 and Javascript frameworks to create highly personalized solutions for your business. We develop visually rich websites and smartphone apps to give your users a memorable experience. We leverage our graphic design and front end development skills to present your fashion products in an attractive manner, for your customers

Services Include:
  • Responsive UI to scale the app and website on mobile devices of all screen sizes
  • Development and integration of advanced features such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand customer behavior
  • Analytics support and reporting for understanding trends
  • Cloud Computing integration for seamless access from any geographical location
fashion ERP Development

Software and ERP Solutions Development

From customizing mainstream enterprise applications to the development of bespoke solutions, we work with a wide variety of CRM and ERP systems to handle the needs of your organization. We leverage numerous open source frameworks such as .NET, MySql and more to craft light weight high performance applications.

Services Include:
  • Bespoke software development for business specific needs
  • Integration of robust CRM and ERP features into existing systems and applications
  • Solutions for diverse business requirements; from inventory to point of sale management
  • Implementation of security measures to ensure security of your business data
  • Development and implementation of progressive concepts such as BI to help you understand customer purchase patterns and preferences
fashion Big Data

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Our big data analytics service is designed to give your business an edge over competition. We do this by monitoring all relevant incoming data and processing them to extract valuable insights for proper action. We leverage big data analytics frameworks such as Hadoop to develop and implement cutting edge business intelligence systems.

Services Include:
  • Identification and monitoring of data sources
  • Creation of data lakes to record all incoming data for analysis
  • Use of machine learning to identify patterns in business trends
  • Reporting generation to give you accurate insights into the performance of specific product classes

We Bank On a Well Defined Process to Develop the Best Solutions for Your Needs

We follow a sound process to build effective solutions. Our process includes the following steps

Software Development Process by GetSmartCoders

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