Facilitating Technology Adoption in the Telecom Industry for Improving Networking And Infrastructure

Get Smart coders has over 10 years of experience in creating tailor-made applications for the Telecom industry. We create comprehensive software solutions to streamline and simplify the complex business processes of the industry. Having helped many telecom service providers leverage cutting edge technology to go digital, we know what it takes to equip telecom companies with innovative technologies to improve operational efficiency and reduce time to market. We have successfully deployed solutions that have helped network prototyping and device manufacturers achieve cost efficiency and faster time to market as well

From infrastructure and network monitoring solutions to the implementation of future-ready technologies, including Big Data Analytics, IOT, responsive applications design and artificial intelligence algorithms, we empower telecom companies to scale up to the challenges and opportunities of the future. As a global telecommunication software development company, we have helped our clients stand out from competition and expand market footing with highest levels of reliability and performance.

We Offer a Range of IT solutions for the Telecom Industry

Network Management Services

Network Management Services

We develop and implement software solutions to enhance the flexibility and versatility of your networks. A complex system like telecommunications network requires a user-friendly and powerful network monitoring tool. We develop and implement efficient network monitoring tools with advanced features like real-time network monitoring, Ip address management applications monitoring and firewall log management. This helps to keep your network secure and efficient. Our bespoke software developed for network managements are resource friendly and secure. We drive customer confidence by stepping up to the challenge of data security with our made to measure builds.

Services Include:
  • End to end development and implementation of network management software
  • Implementation of network monitoring features and Analytics
  • Custom network configuration features development
  • Data backup and recovery features
Applications Development

Applications Development

We develop multi-platform web applications and mobile applications to enhance customer engagement. Our applications development service will help you fine tune your operations and ensure superior service delivery and customer engagement. Our experience in application development ranges from developing reporting solutions to solutions to meet operational crises. Outsource telecom IT services to us to leverage this experience for developing sophisticated applications that can revolutionize your business. Our specialization in digital signal processing enables us to leverage our applications and network development knowledge to build bespoke solutions for our clients.

Services Include:
  • Applications for advanced reporting (resources inventory; performance management; fault management; trouble ticketing fraud protection etc.)
  • Applications for custom sales and marketing support
  • Cloud computing architecture and support
  • Responsive customer self-service portals development
  • Applications for analytics support
Infrastructure Development and Management

Infrastructure Development and Management

As a telecommunication software development company, we provide end-to-end network lifecycle services and solutions. Our tailor made software solutions will manage your wireless and wireline network infrastructure to provide uninterrupted communication services to your clients. We complement this by providing value-added services to improve personal coordination within your organization. We adopt SDN and NFV engineering concepts to develop network infrastructure that can be controlled effectively with software suites. We also specialize in rapid network prototyping which helps telecommunication companies acheve shorter development times at significantly lower development costs

Services Include:
  • Cloud architecture for enhanced connectivity
  • Software support tailor made for consulting services
  • Integration of Big Data Analytics capabilities
  • Software suites to run vast network Infrastructures
CRM and ERP Solutions

CRM and ERP Solutions

As a Global Telecom IT services company we specialize in the development and maintenance of CRM and ERP installations for the Telecom industry. Our CRM systems for account management, and program management can be leveraged to engage subscribers in multiple ways. We help you get a bird's eye view of all the verticals in your organization and their performance metrics in real time. Our reliable and innovative CRM and ERP solutions will help you take informed decisions based on risk analysis concepts.

Services Include:
  • Comprehensive software package that provides a 360 degree view of your organization
  • Development of specific precision tools to streamline operational processes better
  • Inbuilt communication system for seamless integration with billing order and service management
  • Sales contract management and partner relationship management features
  • Charging and billing system integration
Data Analytics Services

Data Analytics Services

We improve transparency and help drive process excellence with our data analysis software packages. We integrate Big Data Analytics into the software architecture to receive valuable insights on technical aspects and risk management verticals of your company. Smart features like Predictive Analytics models give you a real time idea of the operations. By incorporating smart features in our software solutions for data analysis services we enable our clients to be ready with the right information at the right time.Our services provide an agile and highly scalable service structure to boost the efficiency of your network administration duties with data analytics

Services Include:
  • Development of predictive analytics tools customized for the telecommunication industry
  • Big data analytics integration
  • Integration of reporting tools with dashboard interfaces
  • Data warehousing support
  • Predictive analysis systems integration

Our Telecom IT Services Banks on a Well Defined Process

Our clients outsource telecommunication software development to us because we follow a tried and tested
applications development process. Our software development process is as follows:-

Software Development Process by GetSmartCoders

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