Tech-Enabling the Travel Industry to Enrich Customer Experience

Getsmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in providing cutting edge and customized IT solutions for the travel industry. From reservation management to inventory management, from MIS reporting to cash flow management, from multilingual and multi-currency booking support to robust CRM systems, and from developing multiple sales channels to enabling generation of analytics reports, we have developed a range of solutions to help travel companies achieve the flexibility and accuracy needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Our vast experience in serving the industry has helped us acquire profound knowledge on travel website design and development and optimize the IT landscape of tourism companies. We leverage advanced technologies like automation and data analytics to reorganize your internal processes and improve workflow. This has helped our clients remove process bottlenecks, cut process costs, shorten response times and improve productivity by several notches. Be it travel agency or tour operator, travel supplier or airlines, we have helped all market players make the best use of technology to grow their business.

Our Travel Portal Development Services Are Tailored to Create A Splendid First Impression

Travel Website Development

Travel Website

A great website should looks good and must excel in functionality. We use the latest Javascript and PHP based web development frameworks to create an immersive and engaging experience for your clients. At the same time, we include all those features (filters, images, reviews etc.) that would make your customers quest for holiday information quick and comprehensive.

Services Include:
  • Travel website design and development for Travel Agency & Hotel Industry
  • Web portal development for transport, tours and accommodation booking
  • Customized travel website development
  • Comparison websites for hotel and other deals
  • SMS messaging for sales & operations teams
Travel Software Development

Travel Software

As a travel portal development company with a large client base and a proven track record, we are fully aware that not all client requirements are the same. We develop tailor-made software solutions to resolve your specific needs. Our travel software development services are dedicated to helping you make a difference by giving them a superior experience with bookings and travel information relay.

Services Include:
  • Software solutions for business travel booking & management
  • Software for travel request management
  • Automated solutions for travel itineraries
  • Online booking and reservation system
  • Software for customer review management
Travel Mobile Applications Development

Travel Mobile Applications Development

Travel apps rank very high on the list of the most popular apps for smartphones. We leverage the popularity of smartphone apps by creating a user friendly travel app with an intuitive user interface. With a great smartphone app, your customers are empowered with a vital digital tool that helps them make timely travel arrangements.

Services Include:
  • Development of native travel apps for Android, iOS and Windows mobile
  • Mobile app design solutions for travel industry
  • Mobile solutions for room booking and travel reservation
  • Upgrade and maintain travel mobile apps
  • Travel app migration
Advanced IT solutions for the Travel Industry

Advanced IT solutions for the Travel Industry

We build IT solutions for the travel industry from the ground up to meet specific challenges, accomplish discrete tasks and create the best visibility for your business. We provide solutions that help you understand customer behavior better. Our IT solutions for travel industry can help you redefine your business and identify areas of improvements that will add further value to the services that you offer to your customers.

Services Include:
  • Integration of CRM to your web portals and application for stronger customer support
  • Data Visualization implementation
  • Integration of Business intelligence features for in depth analysis of business data
IT Maintenance and Support Services for Travel Industry

IT Maintenance and Support Services for Travel Industry

Whether you run a travel agency, a hotel or a logistics outfit, our IT maintenance and support services will keep your business critical systems up and running like a well-oiled machine. Our meticulously designed software packages are supported by our team of highly qualified IT professionals.

Services Include:
  • Implementation of a comprehensive solution that integrates with your in house network
  • 24/7 support model with query logging systems for clients and employees
  • Network Administration and data security management
  • Periodic Audit and system performance assessment
Web API and Cloud Services

Web API and Cloud

As a specialized travel portal development company we also leverage our profound knowledge in cloud computing to tailor advanced IT solutions. From cloud-hosted backend web services to frontend development; we have a team of expert developers to handle the entire gamut of your website requirements

Services Include:
  • Implementation and management of Cloud-based architecture
  • Web API integration and fine tuning for enhanced custom features like notifications
  • Future-ready system development with scope to include custom features based on changing business requirements

Our Travel Portal Solution Process

Our travel website development and travel portal solutions are created using a well-defined process. When you
outsource travel website design to us, we take it through these steps:

Software Development Process by GetSmartCoders

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Outsource travel website development requirements to GetSmartCoders for its outstanding track record of delivering quality travel IT solutions.

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