Enterprise Solutions

We offer organizations a gamut of enterprise business solutions for streamlining enterprise processes. Driven by over 100 professionals, with rich domain experience in multiple technologies, we are currently catering to a range of clients across diverse industry verticals.

We specialize in providing customized solutions for custom application development, e-commerce solutions, enterprise application development and integration, business intelligence, data warehousing as well as industry solutions. Our strong domain knowledge and established project management processes have helped us conceptualize, develop, deploy and maintain top-class solution for our clients.

Enterprise Solution Services

We offer the following ERP solutions:

Predictive Analytics
With the help of the best analytical tools we process your data for clarity and precision. Our proprietary data analytical models will help you more accurately predict outcomes. Our industry experts have years of experience in solving complex challenges and can provide you the insights needed to take confident decisions.
ERP Services
Our proven track record of successful ERP customization, implementation and maintenance will help you reap the actual benefits of an effective ERP solution. With the help of our domain specialists your organization will be better positioned to cut costs without compromising on process efficiency. Further, our expertise in implementing seamless and time-bound ERP solutions will ensure there is no disruption or downtime whatsoever.
SaaS (Software as a Service)
We specialize in helping you identify the best SaaS options for your business. We have wide experience in helping our clients identify those process areas where SaaS will prove productive. We will also help you make the move to a new SaaS based tool smoothly. Our experts will also help you expedite the installation and integration of your SaaS software, so that you do not lose time in reaping the benefits of SaaS technology.
Big Data
With our Big Data service, we aggregate, integrate, validate and glean data to uncover strategic insights from your data. Our experience in big data program across multiple domains helps us tailor the most effective Big Data strategy for you and guarantee you the kind of insights for newer revenue sources.
Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Our comprehensive suite of enterprise mobility solutions will give you the flexibility to engage with your employees and customers in a productive way. We provider end-to-end mobility solutions from consultation to development and from execution to management. We specialize in serving both B2B and B2C segments cutting across business domains.
Cloud-based Services
We have helped many of our clients move their businesses onto cloud platforms and enhance operational efficiencies significantly. We specialize in gamut of cloud services including cloud strategy and consulting, cloud infrastructure services, cloud application services, cloud management services etc. Each of our models has helped us unlock new opportunities for our clients.

Our Technology Partners

We have partnered with all leading enterprise software solution providers to deliver the best solutions for your needs. These include

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Why Choose GetSmartCoders

We provide you the following enterprise solution benefits:
  • Proven expertise in end-to-end enterprise solutions creation and implementation
  • Knowledge repository of industry specific scenarios
  • Dedicated team of enterprise solution experts with years of multi-domain experience
  • Cutting edge technology expertise in business intelligence
  • Established framework for accelerated workflow and implementation
  • Flexible, scalable and cost-efficient solutions