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Web Analytics and Dashboard Reporting Services

GetSmartCoders has over 10 years of experience in providing outsourced web analytics and dashboard reporting services to clients around the world. Over the years, we have helped many online businesses optimize their online presence and evolve with changing market trends.

Understanding data and reports available in your web analytics tool can be an overwhelming task. Having helped several clients understand different types of data and their implications, we have acquired the expertise needed to interpret data in a way that can be profitable to your business. We specialize in using data to craft a story, and presenting it in interactive ways for you to act upon with ease and achieve more in less time and with less effort.

outsource web analytics and dashboard reporting services

We owe our success in dashboard analytics to best analytics implementation practices. We bank on solid data to provide measurable results, have a development process that is tightly integrated with reporting systems, proper documentation methods, regular recommendations for improved measurement, and a system to log and prioritize requests. With the help of these we set an analytics roadmap to enable you to identify and prioritize top conversion and optimization opportunities.

Our experience in web analytics extends to providing insights into website performance and recommendations on how to improve traffic to sites; analyzing and reporting basic stats of visitors’ territory wise; conducting patch analysis, presenting holistic view of analytics data, identifying visitor interest with greater accuracy, visibility into marketing spends etc. The common outcome of these services has invariably been remarkable increase in conversion rates, increase in additional revenue per month and reduction in costs per conversion.

Our experience in dashboard analytics extends to creating a range of dashboards for multiple industries. From executive dashboard to retail analysis dashboard, from marketing campaign dashboard to lead generation dashboard, from e-commerce dashboard to investor dashboard, we have dabbled with it all to offer you the right blend of experience and expertise for all your dashboard reporting needs.

Our Web Analytics Dashboard
Reporting Services

As a leading web analytics services company, we provide a range of web analytics services to help you boost conversions. Some services we provide include

Web Traffic Analysis Reports

We analyze your web traffic to help you understand top performing keywords, conversion metrics, and other insights into customer behavior. We specialize in presenting insightful reports in a simple and easily comprehensible manner. Outsource web traffic analysis requirements to us to get clear and precise answers to your queries.

KPI Reports

We help you discover key trends that lay hidden in the heap of data your business generates every day. Our deep understanding of what makes a performance indicator key, and our mastery over interpreting and presenting it will make it easy for you to take major decisions. It’s because of accuracy in discovering trends that our clients have been outsourcing their KPI requirements to us.

Content Analytics Reports

Our content analytics service provides you insights on how to fine tune your content for greater consumption. We also provide you understanding of how your content compares to your competitors so that you can optimize it for greater market share. With outsourced content analytical report service, you can get an edge over your competitors in content generation.

Funnel Analysis Reports

Leverage our funnel analysis reports to build website paths for maximum conversions. We help you trace your visitor flow from page-to-page and identify pages that trigger exits. We specialize in identifying funnel goals and structure to give you powerful insights. If you wish to stop navigating in the dark, outsource your funnel analysis reports to us.

Internal Search Analysis Reports

Knowing what people are looking for and ensuring your website is delivering the same can be a tricky affair. With our internal search analysis report, we help you get a clear peek into your customer’s intent.

SEO Reports

Our SEO reports help you analyse the traffic coming to your site. Some of the important components of our reports include impressions, clicks, bounce rate, click rate, cost-per-click, page rank etc. Contact our experts now to know why outsourcing to us can be your best alternative.

Predictive Analytics

We use a wide variety of variable algorithms and best-practice, to analyse incoming data to deliver accurate predictions of trends. Our forecasts are based on strong validation and cross validation of data.

Prescriptive Analytics

Our prescriptive analytics service is designed to provide answer to the question “what should we do next”. With the help of optimization and simulation models we explore a set of possible actions to determine a precise answer.

Besides these, we also provide outsourced services on path analysis reports, mobile analytic reports, navigation analysis reports, ad / content campaign reports, e-commerce reports etc.

Web Analytics Platforms

We work on the following analytics tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Yahoo Web Analytics
  • Omniture
  • Compete Analytics
  • Web Trends
  • Clicktracks
  • Site Catalyst
  • Net Insight
Web Analytics Platforms

Dashboard Reporting Service

Dashboard services is an extension of our web analytics services, wherein the collated web analytics report is combined with your business needs to develop custom dashboards. As a leading dashboard analytics company, we offer a range of dashboard reposting services. These include:

Custom Dashboard Development
With this service, we tailor dashboards specific to your business needs. It involves integrating your services with rightly identified metrics to present relevant facts related to your business in the way
you want to see them

Klipfolio Dashboard Development
We specialize in developing Klipfolio dashboard development. You can leverage our experience to create Klipfolio dashboards that is easy to filter and drill-down, as well as include specific features like importing and exporting reports in a file format of your own choosing

Tableau Dashboard Development
We have wide experience in creating, implementing, customizing, maintaining and migrating tableau dashboards. Our services are particularly helpful for those who want to collate and create interactive dashboards in real-time and quick time

How We Do It

Web Analytics Service

Our process includes the following steps

  • Understand your overall requirements and determine project goals
  • Assess your existing analytics tool (if any) for accuracy
  • Pick up required data from the software/ database. We also accept data sent by you via Excel / CSV files.
  • Integrate data, analyse it meticulously and present comprehensive reports

Dashboard Reporting

Our dashboard development process traces the following steps

  • We process your requests for KPI analysis
  • We identify relevant data channels
  • We create dashboard prototype with the right visuals
  • Execute custom dashboard software development process
  • Carry out in-depth QA testing
  • Deliver dashboard to you

Why Outsource Web Analytics & Dashboard Reporting
Services to Us?

Our web analytics and dashboard analytics creation services help you achieve the following:
  • Structure and organize data to extract actionable information
  • Identify the geographies that attract most visitors
  • Get a bird's-eye view of major decision areas in your business
  • Analyze costs of all web-based initiatives: email campaigns, adverts, socialnetworks etc
  • Make data interpretation simple and all-encompassing with visually stimulating graphs, charts and diagrams
  • Logical representation of data to reduce confusion
  • Comparative analysis
  • Identify areas of improvement for enhancing sales
  • Optimize user experience by monitoring the performance of your site
  • Get sophisticated reporting for improved strategizing
  • Boost productivity by identifying and analyzing the most decisive factors influencing growth
Looking for the best web analytics services company? Outsource web analytics and dash board reporting services to GetSmartCoders. We will help you initiate the transformation your business badly needs. Get in touch with our experts now.

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