When it comes to training employees it’s no secret that employees prefer eLearning over traditional face-to-face training methods. However, having an eLearning course in place is just not enough to get things going for your enterprise. Your eLearning course has to be employee friendly. In other words, it needs to be tailored to meet exactly what employees love about online training courses. When you ensure this, your eLearning course becomes more effective and yields desired results in the shortest possible time. This blog talks about the factors you need to consider while designing an eLearning course for your employees.

Give Them Anytime Anywhere Access

If your employees have to stay after office hours to complete mandatory training, they will be fuming at you. Likewise, they don’t want to be tethered to their workstations to undergo training sessions. What employees want instead is to get connected to the learning resources at a more convenient time and place. If your eLearning program offers mobile compatibility, you meet this critical need of theirs and help them learn faster and better.

Ensure it is Easy-to-use

Employees take to online training not because they want to, but because they have to. So, if your training material bogs them down, they would abandon it sooner than you expect. And if this happens, the very purpose of training gets defeated. As usability is high on every learner’s list you should ensure your course is easy to use and simple to navigate. Employees should be able to delve into a subject, watch a video that unravels a complex concept, or engage in an exciting presentation with the click of a button. The course objective should be to encourage learners to focus on the content, not on navigation.

Make the Course Interactive and Immersive

The content of a good eLearning course should draw and immerse an employee in it. Your primary objective should be to design a course which ensures this in ample measure. A course which is interactive can make employees feel like they are an essential part of the training experience. It is this feeling of belonging which can help them imbibe faster. You can make use of games, simulations, and a wide range of other components in your course material to make the overall learning experience more engaging and entertaining.

Integrating these preferred aspects can help you develop a high valued eLearning material – one that can deliver a meaningful learning experience to your employees.