About Us

10 Years of Big Thinking for Better Solutions

We started our journey with a burning desire to do things differently. To be different, we knew we had to think big. We broke down all the walls that stopped us from thinking big and cultivated the qualities critical to thinking differently. Soon, we became a team of programmers driven by passion, courage, optimism, persistence, discipline, and enthusiasm to think bigger and better than anyone else.

Over the years, our passion for design and coding has become an obsession. We peek into programs, even if they work fine, to learn more about the codes. We love to read codes that belong to others in the hope of discovering something interesting. This never-ending curiosity fuels our creativity and encourages us to go beyond our comfort zone and find a different and promising solution.


Landmarks Propelling Us Toward Excellence

  • 3000+
    Project delivered
  • 350+
    Development staff
  • 8
    International Office
  • 1000+
    Satisfied Clients

SmartCoders Chapters:
A Journey through Our Growth Story


SmartCoders was born with four like-minded technocrats


Scaled into a team of 60+ professionals, delivering over 100 web & mobile app projects worldwide


Registered in the USA and UK. Established a global presence in the Philippines, Bolivia, & Venezuela


Expansion in space with a 10,000 sq ft facility & 4000+ seat capabilities

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The Essence of Uniqueness:
What Defines Our Identity


Thorough Expertise

Leveraging collaborations with top brands, our extensive experience equips us with the knowledge for continuous innovation.


Robust Process Standards

Driven by a well-defined process geared for speed and excellence, it operates with an internal control mechanism, ensuring operational efficiency.


Complete Transparency

Embracing a culture of transparency in business dealings is a proactive measure, keeping unexpected challenges at bay.


Committed Support

Fueled by passion, dedicated support includes regular updates, issue resolution, and 24/7 maintenance, making your success our priority.

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