If your business is in need of an app, hiring a developer to build one can be a good option. Hundreds of freelancers and small firms and are now specializing in building business apps. Lend them your vision and they would combine their knowledge, to develop compelling apps for your employees.

When you plan to hire a developer, the thought upper most in your mind would be the costs. If budget isn’t a constraint, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you are hamstrung by it, it doesn’t mean the end of the road for your dreams. To start with, we first need to understand the factors which drive up costs.

The cost of an app is determined by factors like: how complicated is the concept; to what extent would it be custom-made i.e. whether the code for it is available or not, and the developer or organization’s experience in building apps. What if your business needs a complicated bespoke app which can best be developed by an experienced developer or organization? Would that mean stretching beyond your means?

For those serious about building a business app, budget is hardly a roadblock. You can always get it developed at a lesser cost, by fine tuning your requirements. The easy way out, is to simplify what you plan to make. For this, you just need to focus on one core feature – on which you can hinge to derive maximum results.

Try to barter other bespoke features for ones that have pre-existing codes or ones available via open source so that the developer can incorporate it into your app. Similarly, target a select few versions of the operating system and restrict the app to one device. This can help you develop a basic viable product, good enough to validate your idea at far lesser cost.

When it comes to choosing a developer, target countries where the cost of living is less compared to the Western economies. If your pick is from Sydney, you will have to shell out many times over. If it’s from India, it will weigh light on your purse, for sure. And as for the time zone difference, it may well turn out to be a boon. They will work on your feedback while you are asleep and by the time you hit your desk, the changes will be made.