You have hit upon a unique idea for your business app. You are confident that the idea is revolutionary enough to make your app stand apart. But does that guarantee success. There are lot many good apps that have disappeared into the crowd, and your app too may meet with the same fate. What this means is that you can’t leave things to chances. Your efforts in designing a great app, may go in vain, until you put in the same effort to reach out to your target audience. You need not go for the kill –big data, measurement and analytics, etc. to go granular with your target audiences. There’s an easier and more effective way out — influencer marketing. It can help you draw the right eye balls, bring the initial rounds of quality installs, and build the momentum to increase downloads.

It Pays to Follow

Here’s some food for thought. Jack Baran, a bright social media star with over 1.2 million Instagram followers and 1.4 million YouTube subscribers, was approached by Skype for influencing its “SkypeTogether” campaign. Hotel booking app Hotel Tonight roped in Instagrammer Gregory Tinari (MenStyleGuide) to spread word about the apps utility. Likewise, Postmates, a delivery service pioneer, leveraged the followings of well-known foodie Nicole Cogan to market its mobile app. She included a coupon in her posts to encourage users to sign up. And the list goes on.

It’s Worth It. Here’s Why

Influencer marketing for mobile apps is not just about bringing in the initial round of installs. It’s more about bringing quality installs. With quality audience, your app is more likely to generate quality reviews. And that’s what you precisely need to climb up the app store rankings. Once ranked, you get several steps closer to being discovered by other users. Hereon, you need to build up the momentum for more downloads, and laugh your way to success.

Keeping the Momentum Up

Building a momentum entails scaling up your marketing efforts with a series of influencer campaigns. For this, you need to devise a strategy to choose the best social media channel, zero in on the right influencers, reach out to as many of them as possible, negotiate hard, decide upon the period of partnership, set metrics and benchmarks, measure success, and hunt for new influencers. It also involves drawing up a calendar plan over the weeks and months, each time aiming for a new high with new ideas and new types of influencer marketing campaigns.


Though influencer marketing gives your mobile app marketing efforts a dream head start, you need to plan well in advance to get the results you yearn. Ideally, start planning before the development stage. Once you implement the plan, measure, measure and measure to make sure you’re on track. If Don’t get complacent, if you taste success early. There’s no end to reaching out to your target audience, as your audience will keep growing every time you conquer a new ground with your app.

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