In 2016, customer loyalty will be the most important area of focus for ecommerce businesses. This is because ecommerce web development companies have now realized that in an increasingly competitive market, selling to loyal customers is much more profitable than to seek and sell products to new customers. Here’s what stats say – repeating shoppers spent over $350 million during 2015 out of a total $1000 million and accounts for 35% of overall spend from a returning customer. For small business owners, retaining customers is an uphill task because they lack access to some important resources which is easily available to larger market players. What this means is that in 2016, small stores will need to take extraordinary measures to retain shoppers. This blog talks about what small ecommerce players can do to win and retain customer loyalty.

How to Retain Customers in 2016

The one big trend witnessed in 2015 is the growth of online loyalty programs. This trend is expected to gain momentum in 2016. In an environment filled with alternatives, bolstering the feeling of community with customers can be the best way to get repeat customers, and a good online loyalty program implemented with a custom-built app will ensure this in ample measure.

A simple, yet great example of business-to-customer community building is Johnson & Johnson’s mobile app. Mothers’ can use it to play bedtime lullaby. It’s a master tactic to keep their consumer base engaged with the app even when it doesn’t serve the company in the true sense. If the mobile app adds MORE value to your customers’ routine life, you improve experiences and win loyalty.

Another proven way to keep your flock together is by incentivizing and rewarding sales. Based on ordering history, if you cross-sell a complementary item for personalized purchases, you give your customers reasons to look forward for more and stay associated.

In 2016, you can take care of all of these with a customized mobile app, built to offer customized rewards, email campaigns, social exposure and integration. You can incorporate a detailed reward system based on number of visits, form-fills, spends, purchases, and send customized messages based on those metrics. Furthermore, it should enable a direct line to social engagement with customers through instant offers and promotions. Besides these, your app should be able to delve into feedback and insights to help you optimize your retention strategies.

We design and develop customized CRM apps to enable your customer get personalized offers, share with social networks, review points, and redeem at a POS. We also integrate key features such as a digital wallet, merchant locator with driving directions, location-based notification etc. to give you the winning edge. In 2016, opportunities to drive customer loyalty will be plentiful and if you wish to make the most of it, it’s time you partner with us for a customized CRM mobile app.