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Mobile App Development to Build a Better Tomorrow

getSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in providing outsourced mobile application development services to clients all over the world. We leverage our experience in creating useful, appealing and effective mobile apps to give life to your app ideas. We don’t design mobile apps from a cubicle. We design apps by putting ourselves in the shoes of your end user. We believe apps should be built for one, and only one primary purpose. We also believe in creating experiences with designs that emulate the real life. All these together help us create a product that is not just useful, but also emotionally and aesthetically appealing to your user.

As a leading mobile app development company, GetSmartCoders is driven by a team of 250+ professionally trained mobile app developers. We have completed over 1000+ projects for clients across 40 countries. Our expertise ranges from creating simple B2C applications to heavy B2B mobile solutions for critical business processes. Our mobile app product development lifecycle begins with detailed consultation followed by planning, UI/UX design, coding, comprehensive testing, and launch in app stores. We also specialize in app marketing and app maintenance and support.

We develop mobile apps across all major platforms. You can avail the services by contracting a consultant or hiring mobile app developers or by outsourcing app development needs to us.



Android Phones



As a Leading Mobile App Development Company, We Have Experience

in creating high performing native mobile applications for all major mobile platforms as well as cross-platform mobile applications. Our wide range of clients, which includes organizations, start-ups and individuals, have tapped into our expertise to develop mobile app for diverse categories.

Our Mobile App Development Competencies



outsource Android mobile app development services

Outsource Android Mobile App
Development Services to Us for the Best Results

Our mobile app developers have wide experience in creating innovative and dynamic applications for Android mobile devices. We utilize Android SDK platform among many others to develop mobile apps for various industries.

We develop Android apps for

  • Android phone
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches

Few mobile app development companies can match our experience in creating diverse mobile apps. Our latest achievements include developing a customized taxi mobile app for a US based entrepreneur, a shadow board app for an European based shadow board company, a task management app for an Australian client, a property management app for a Kuwait-based builder etc. Besides these, we have built mobile apps for industries such as Banking and Finance, Insurance, Logistics, Education, Gaming, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Social Networking, Enterprise eCommerce, Travel etc.

Want a Perfect iOS App? Outsource Mobile App
Development Services to Us

We have wide experience in creating feature rich iPhone and iPad apps, with due focus on user-experience and other unique capabilities like the pop-over interface elements and 3-axis accelerometer.

We develop iOS apps for

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Smartwatches

As a mobile app development company our experience in developing iOS apps is as diverse as creating android mobile apps. Our latest achievements include a freight tracking app for a freight forwarding company based in Canada, an iPhone app to boost energy efficient alternatives for a US based green company, an iPad enterprise app for a top home theatre installation company. Besides these, we have built iOS apps for industries such as education, gaming, hospitality, ecommerce website etc.

outsource windows mobile app development services

Looking for Supreme Quality Windows Mobile Apps? Know Why Outsourcing to Us is Your Best Bet

Our mobile app developers have created several high-quality, scalable, and secure windows mobile apps for a wide number of business domains like healthcare, education, retail, real estate, etc.

Off-late we have developed a customized windows mobile app to help an inventory and management company track and control warehousing, inventory, sales orders more efficiently. Besides this, we have also developed gaming and music windows mobile apps for our clients.

Outsourced Cross Platform Mobile Application Development for Guaranteed Outcomes

We have a team of expert cross-platform mobile app developers well-versed with technologies like PhoneGap, Xamarin, and React Native to help you build the best cross-platform mobile app in a cost-effective way and in the shortest possible time.

Our cross-platform app experience includes building an app for real-time tracking of consignments for a Hongkong based logistics firm, a real-time task management app for an Australia based company etc.

Advantages of Mobile App Development

As the IoT industry expands, app stores are continuously evolving to service the nearly 6 billion phone subscribers around the world. This recent development has opened up different avenues for companies to connect with their target audience. As mobile apps continue to flood the market, consumers and businesses alike are reaping the benefits of investing in such a technology. Some advantages that mobile apps offer include:

  • A dedicated app creates a direct marketing channel
  • Helps build brand recognition and improves customer engagement
  • Provides a distinct user experience to help you stand out from the competition
  • Makes transactions for a certain product or service faster and easier
  • Enhances user experience while interactive designs can boost conversion rates
  • Customized mobile apps can ease workflows and increase productivity for companies
  • Are a smart investment in emerging technologies, which are taking the world by storm
  • Connects you directly to your target audience, business, social media feed, or customer
  • Customer loyalty can be cultivated through app usage (e.g. Starbucks app loyalty program)
  • Mobile apps are available to customers 24x7
  • You can access your apps anywhere in the world
  • Are easy to setup because limited technical proficiency is needed
  • Helps you cut costs for overhead and everyday business operations

Our Mobile App Development Process

We have a well-laid out and detailed development plan from start to finish. Our mobile app development process involves: understanding, documenting, and reviewing requirements; reviewing designs that include mock-ups of functional app segments; incorporating changes and improvements; final product testing; training clients and providing extended support. During all these stages, we communicate with customers regularly to avoid oversights. It’s because of our established process that we are rated amongst the top mobile app development companies in the world.

  • Step 1

    Requirement Gathering

    We sit with you to understand your mobile app requirement, your business
    objectives and
    your competitors

  • Step 2


    Once the concept is ready, we lay out the structure of the app marking the hierarchy and relationship between
    the elements

  • Step 3

    UI Design

    We focus on designing the app in a way that would create the right impact on its users. At this stage we focus on simplicity, consistency, intuitiveness etc

  • Step 4


    Once the UI design is ready, the development process moves on to the next stage, wherein our developers start working on the app codes

  • Step 5


    Though testing is performed in parallel with development, a comprehensive testing of the apps functionality and ease of use is performed after the development is over

  • Step 6


    After final approval from client, we deliver the app or submit it to the respective app market

Mobile App Development Services: Tools & Technologies We Use

We use a wide variety of technology and tools to code, test and deploy applications into the target platform environment. Our experts have profound knowledge of the integrated development environment, language resources, libraries and plug-ins of every mobile app platforms. This is complemented with excellent command on tools that are critical to the functioning of the front-end and back-end systems. Some of the platforms we have worked upon include Android Studio, Phone Gap, Xamarin, iOS SDK, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Java Script, Objective-C, Swift, Node.js, etc.

Know Our Mobile App Developers

We have a pool of highly-skilled analysts, UX experts and certified software engineers with wide experience in building mobile apps for all major platforms.

We don’t pick developers just for their technical skills. We assess their competency based on their creative spirit, foresight to anticipate changes, tenacity to push through difficult times, and flexibility to learn while they earn. Once on board, we train them to believe everything is possible and persist till things turn into reality. So, by trusting our developers you trust people who combine reliable business processes and urgent business priorities to deliver the best results.

Know Why We Rank Among the Best Mobile App Development Companies

Working with us can provide you with a host of benefits. These include:

Guaranteed timeline Well-defined process to guarantee

alue add-consulting Complete transparency into the app development cycle

project management Proven track

competitive rates Guaranteed business

World class communicationWorld class communication

World class communication Quality app solution for
all budgets

Looking to develop mobile app from a company that has the right mix of expertise and experience? Or do you want competent mobile app developers to deliver simple, different and enjoyable experience to your customer? Outsource mobile app development to us.