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If you think custom mobile app development is about building the best features and capabilities, think again. At getSmartCoders, mobile application development is all about striking a balance between the features that your app would sport and your business objectives. We commit ourselves to tying your overarching goals with features of your app that ensure that the success of your app is directly correlated with your user experience.

For us, building and getting a robust application into the hands of your users is just the first step. We then follow up by monitoring your app's metrics throughout its lifecycle. This ensures that as new versions of your app are developed in the future, they continue to meet the application's core objectives. Besides building and monitoring your app, we continuously measure it to improve the app as it progresses by more advanced releases.

  • Java
  • C#
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • React Native
  • Objective-C
  • Xamarin Native
  • VIsual Studio IDE

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GetSmartCoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

Our Mobile Application Development Services

As a pioneering mobile app development company in India, we pride ourselves on providing the most extensive list of services that the mobile app industry has ever known. These services have helped our clients foster greater brand recognition and visibility, enter new markets, drive greater conversions, and cater to existing users while acquiring new interests in the market.

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Our Mobile App Development Process

As a market-leading custom mobile app development company in India, we ensure that our mobile app development projects meet rigorous quality control requirements through our stringent, well-defined processes. This way, we help our solutions operate seamlessly in any environment without disruptions or delays. The well-established processes we follow to develop durable mobile apps consist of the following 6 stages:

01 Analysis of
Requirements &
Requirements for mobile app development

We begin by figuring out what problem your mobile app is solving for your customers and determining who your target audience and prospective users are. Highlighting which features to build are also important at this stage. Evaluating how you will differentiate yourself in the market is also a key requirement at this stage as it will determine the success of your project.

02 Application
Design the UI UX of mobile app

The design stage involves determining the information architecture and workflows of your mobile app. This means that great care must be taken to establish how the user interface, data, and functionality of the app will work together. The UX and UI are also carefully designed so that the mobile app being developed is useful, simple to navigate, and engaging to its target users.

03 Development
Development of mobile app

The actual coding of your app occurs at this stage. It consists of multiple activities ranging from establishing the development environment for the mobile app to building the code necessary to bring your app to life. It also involves configuring the front end, back-end (server side) and API environments for the mobile app.

04 App
Testing & QA:
Testing Process of mobile app

At this stage, the app will undergo stringent testing. It is critical that the app be tested for user interface engagement, security, usability, compatibility, performance, and stress. The greater the number of tests performed, the more secure and powerful your app will be. Any loss in functionality at this stage will also be discovered as your app is subjected to different loads.

05 App Launch
& Deployment
Deploy mobile apps for go live

The fully functional mobile app is now sent to the respective app stores for its launch. It is important to monitor the app’s usage using mobile analytics platforms at this stage. Key Performance Indicators should also be tracked to accurately measure the app’s success. User feedback must also be reviewed regularly to help retain existing users and grow your userbase.

06 Monitoring
& Maintenance
Support and Maintenance of mobile apps

Finally, crash reports and other reported issues should be closely monitored and addressed. New bug fixes and updates should be regularly available and diagnostics tests must be performed to ensure the app is operating efficiently in all environments. Prompt end user support and frequent app patching will be critical to keeping your users engaged in the long haul.

Sports & Recreation
Wellness & Fitness

Industries We Serve

Companies of all types and sizes have harnessed our mobile application development services and tech stacks for years. This is because we assist them in promoting their brand in unconventional ways and provide a user experience that cannot be beaten. Moreover, we help them reach a larger target audience with visually appealing, dynamic, powerful, and user-friendly apps that they love using day in and day out.

Education &
Retail & E-Commerce
Travel & Tourism
Media &
Finance & Banking
Food & Drink
Transportation &
Photo & Video
Social Networking
Information Technology

We Leverage

  • C#
  • Corona SDK
  • Firebase
  • Android NDK
  • XCode
  • Android Studio
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • SQLite
  • NoSQL
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Node.js
  • Python

Benefits of Mobile Application Development

Only the highest caliber custom mobile app development companies will deliver greater brand awareness and improve your customer retention. Investing in a mobile application development company that continues to cater to more than 12 industries will help you become a key player in your industry. By developing your mobile app with us, you can look forward to reaping multiple benefits. These include:


Most apps in the market have been built to handle a limited number of resources. Should your business grow, these conventional apps would not be able to function with the heavier loads. Tailored mobile apps, on the other hand, are built taking future pressures and growth into account. Therefore, developing your mobile apps with getSmartCoders ensures high scalability.


Conventional mobile apps may not have the specialized security features that are needed to ensure complete data privacy and security at all times. Our mobile apps are designed strictly keeping your unique business operations and systems in mind so that the data security system that is put in place will take care of all your security needs in one go.

Customer Relationships

Highly customized mobile apps enable you to send continuous updates related to your products or services to your customers in real-time. This means that you can also expect to hear from them as new features are brought in. Open communication with your customers in real-time promotes deeper and longer lasting customer relationships, which are highly beneficial to your business.


Working with getSmartCoders to develop your mobile app ensures that you have all the flexibility you need to customize your app to any specifications that you might want. Our development team can incorporate diverse functionalities, data management functions, and multimedia tools into your app at any time, letting you call the shots all day, every day.

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Our Clients

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Our Mobile Application Development Hiring Models

The industry experts that we employ are renowned for their proficiency in everything related to custom mobile app development. Our mobile app development company has been recognized industry-wide for our unwavering dedication, sharp business acumen, and intelligent designs. Our development team can help any client tap into untapped markets to increase their market share and establish themselves among the key players in the industry.

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FAQs on Mobile App Development Services

Mobile app development services refer to the full spectrum of processes that covers the business aspect to the design, development, launch, and integration of a mobile application to the client’s operation ecosystem. It is then followed up with maintenance and optimization services based on market requirements.

The total time taken to develop a mobile application depends on the OS it supports. We commit to a timeline post a requirement analysis with our client.

Yes. We are mobile architects will help you with the best option based on your requirements. We have extensive hands-on experience in using native as well as cross-platform frameworks for mobile app development. In case of Native development, we use Android/ Kotlin or Java, iOS/ Swift. When it comes cross platform we have team of Xamarin and React Native developers.

This depends on the requirement of our client. For instance, if we are tasked to develop an enterprise application which doesn’t require extensive hardware usage, we leverage cross platform tool like Xamarin or React native. In case of an app that uses core hardware/ software features and does CPU intensive tasks like Video/ Image processing, we prefer to use the Native App development framework.

Our charge is based on the OS that the mobile app supports. We estimate the total cost of the mobile app development post discussion on understanding our client’s requirements. In case you are looking for a maintenance of an already developed app the costing will be done on per hour basis with a minimum hour commitment and will vary from $18-$25 /hour.

Java, C#, Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Objective-C, Xamarin Native, Visual Studio IDE, Android Studio, XCode are among the tools that we use for mobile app development.

For Android, we use the latest Android 5.0 to Android 11.0 versions and for iOS, we use the latest iOS 8.0 to iOS 14 versions. We support OS versions based on the market share.

We use OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization. We provide an end-to-end encryption of all the local data stored by the mobile applications. Our latest versions of Android mobile applications are powered with an embedded encryption feature.

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