Looking to develop a new app in 2016? Or planning to expand your team next year. Whatever might be your need, success hinges a lot on the pick you make. But making the right pick is never an easy task. In addition to qualifications, expertise, exposure you’ll also need to make sure your mobile app developer is a good fit. This blog talks about a few tell-tale signs of a good developer.

Look for the Approach

It all lies in the approach. A developer who has the best problem solving approach can always be your best bet. With such developers, you may not have to depend on their past clients to judge them. Give them a briefing about your project and allow them to brainstorm different ideas. It won’t be long before they lead you to few plausible solutions. This way, you analyze their problem solving skills and get an inkling of the effectiveness of their approach.

Look for Exposure to Diverse Industries

Your developer isn’t experienced enough if he or she has not worked in a variety of industries. Exposure to different industries means exposure to different kinds of situations and challenges.  Such developers can bring more agility to your project. This, however, doesn’t mean you disqualify developers who have preferred to specialize by industry. The problem is with limited range of work they may fail to rise up to expectations when the need arises.

Look for Good Communication Skills

Nothing works without good communication skills. Sometimes, app developers excel at what they do, but struggle to communicate with their clients. This can lead to needless frustration and may even warrant the intervention of a third person to bridge communication channels. If you are looking for seamless coordination, you need to pick a developer with the right communication skills.

Avoid Freelancers

Freelancers come cheap, but you may end up paying through the nose for hiring them.  Building a great app requires great team work as different members with strong expertise in multiple disciplines like design, UI, analytics, development etc. need to close ranks to pull it off. No freelancer can have expertise in each of these domains. And yet if you trust your task to a group of freelancers specializing in different domains, coordinating with all may become a big headache.  The end result would be a mediocre app.

How We Help

We have a team of experts who specialize in different domain of mobile app development. Our integrated team of specialists have, by dint of their passion and commitment, acquired competency to create better apps faster and with fewer hassles. Additionally, we train our developers to share your company’s vision and so can provide you with ones who are great culture fit.

You can interview our developers, create a team of your choice and work over on your dream project. The fact that our clients’ keep coming back to us for all their application needs stands testimony to our high delivery standards.