Have you watched the video of Rand Fishkin’s SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday series? In this video series Rand spends 20 odd minutes in front of a whiteboard, breaking down a relevant SEO topic of the week. The video is primarily driven by domain knowledge, with the man and his marker being the most essential elements. There’s yet another kind of video in which a camera follows an artist’s hand around a whiteboard, as the artist draws images that go on to tell a story. Both these videos which take the help of white board are the best examples of whiteboard marketing videos. While the former can be developed in a one-shot way and in almost no time, the later requires a certain level of artistic skill with a bit more time in the editing room.

Whiteboard animation is “cool” and relatively new. This format of explainer video is being embraced all around because it is snappy, involves painless editing, can be finished in quick time and requires low investments. It is popular because it involves creative storytelling in an attention grabbing, funny and memorable way. Most importantly, it helps to deliver specific and powerful message with no extra fluff, and can be placed anywhere on the site.

How Using Whiteboard Videos Help

Explain Easily

Explaining someone what you do or what your product does is always an uphill task. With a whiteboard explainer video things get a lot easier, because you can weave a story to keep your viewer captivated. For instance, explaining what your software does is much easier with a whiteboard animation than with screen shots.

Differentiate Convincingly

Why should your visitor choose you over your competitor? If your offerings are of greater value, a well-done explainer video can be used to outline the difference between your and their service. When your whiteboard video is easy-to-watch people will let their guard down and accept what you tell. Hence they are more likely to do business with you.

Target Particular Demographic

If you craft a good story, with empathetic characters your target audience will identify with it easily. This will make them see your solutions as effective for their situations and so readily accept it.

Demonstrate a Prototype Product

Sometimes you may need to present a product to the target audience when it’s still in the prototyping stage. With whiteboard videos you can portray such products accurately – and prepare your prospects for the launch.

Where to Use Whiteboard Videos

You can use whiteboard videos on the home page to tell your customers how your products fit into their lives or how it makes things easier for them. A short explanation is possibly a great way to draw them to your product. Else you may use it at the inner pages to dive a bit deeper and explain your processes or service in details. You can also use it to promote your white paper to your audience giving them a glimpse of the information contained inside. Some organizations are also effectively using whiteboards to create advanced infographics or info-MOTION-graphic i.e. graphically-explained data that moves. You can try any of these or think out-of-the-box to develop a new way to reach out to your customers.

To sum it up whiteboard animation videos, when created rightly, can work as pieces of art. They can be used to define and redefine user ideas and perceptions about products and services. How you do it is where the challenge lies.