Key Technology Trends in 2019

Jan 22, 2019
Technology Trends 2019

Almost 60 years back, Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel, had discerned that over time,  computing abilities would drastically increase in power while decreasing in relative cost. In 2019 we would be taking yet another step forward in this direction, picking up from the progress made in 2018. As technology continues to evolve, its important that you stay on top of the changes every time they happen. In this article we try to take a look at the technological trends this year.

Mobile App Trends 2019

2019 spells out prosperity for both appreneurs as well as enterprises with regard to the future of the instant apps. The integrated chips that power our smart phones would be moving up a notch higher this year. This along with the arrival of 5G, will cause m-commerce transactions to surpass the number of E-Commerce transactions in Apple app and Android app environments. Come 2019, online payments using Google pay and Apple pay apps are set to increase by 30% as they offer users with the top-most level of secured encryption. ‘Beyond The Screens’ AR/VR apps will now feature on social platforms for branding and targeting potential customers. While the power of AI & Machine Learning will go beyond Chatbots and Siri in order to decrease operational expenses with Automated Machine learning (AutoML), Beacon Technology will now dominate the IT scenario with Beacon-enabled airports and mobile payments beacons. 2019 also marks the entry of the DApp (Decentralized Mobile) app great for financial, semi-financial and non-financial transactions.

Other Mobile App Trends in 2019

  • VR(Virtual Reality) and AR ( augmented reality) apps will transform the mobile marketplace, becoming more prolific and finding increased use in industries
  • Artificial Intelligence and self-learning systems will find increased usage in consumer grade mobile applications such as smartphone assistants, virtual assistants, multimedia streaming apps and mobile games

Data Science Trends 2019

2019 will see key players like Amazon and Flipkart moving to a stage of hyper personalization based on multiple aspects of consumer behavior, thanks to AI and machine-learning. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will emerge as a form of business process automation technology such that an invoice received, would automatically be displayed on a spreadsheet like Excel. According to Akhilesh Ayyar, Head, Research & Analytics, WNS will feature a massive shift from batch to stream data processing to get real-time actionable insights for example an Invoice will automatically be available on MS Excel and companies will increasingly look towards real-time data analysis for events that demand an immediate detection and response.

Other Data Science Trends in 2019

  • With the increased use of IOT devices and the assimilation of data from multiple sources, ‘edge computing’, a technique that uses a network of distributed devices and their nodes to store and relay data, will become the norm
  • With innovations in the capabilities of AI systems, data science techniques such as data collection and processing to facilitate the actions of decision making algorithms in computer systems will get more streamlined and find mainstream use in all industries.

Custom Software Development Trends 2019

Siemens has acquired Mendix -a company specializing in low-code development. This undoubtedly indicates that low-code development will certainly be a great software development trend in the year 2019 as it will be overtaking the various conventional development methods allowing developers to easily create software without any type of expertise in coding. Containerizing using the Docker and Kubernetes ecosystem will be the way to go forward for most companies and with JavaScript failing to maintain and debug code, Functional Programming  will now be gaining widespread adoption. Likewise, Serverless micro services and data driven rating systems are expected to be on the rise in 2019 reducing human opinion on services and products.

Other Custom Software Trends in 2019

  • Artificial intelligence will be the cornerstone of innovation in custom software development
  • Companies associated with all the industries will apply blockchain to improve their supply chain, administration and streamline other processes.

UI-UX Trends 2019

The gap between conceptual design and reality is now being bridged by Web and mobile browser capabilities. Motion design has now become an embedded part of branding. The mobile industry with its sophisticated chips and small screens has made it possible to render and use 3D objects within the interface. In 2019 we might even see comeback of ‘skeuomorphism’ in the shape and depth of the design used with more combined colors and layers adding the opacity feature to surge the app transparency. Voice-assisted interfaces and UI designs without buttons are going to be an important trend as we enter into 2019 as is seen in Instagram where you don’t need any button to change the stories since the item can be added to the cart just by dragging it.

  • The use of Opacity and transparency to give a user interface a ‘glass like appearance’ will be a primary trend in UI and UX design
  • App developers will leverage full screen background images to give an app a cinematically rich feel
  • In app buttons will disappear. app designers will use drag and drop features to make the browsing experience more ergonomic

Software Testing Trends 2019

2019 will see a sure rise in external penetration testing and security audits on existing enterprise security measures. This approach is expected to be crucial for both small businesses and corporate giants alike as any breach in data is likely to have serious consequences. The emergence of DevOps to facilitate continuous integration and continuous delivery is expected to be on the rise just as the levels of BYO test automation, environment and the highly complex testing tool stacks.

Other Software Testing Trends in 2019

  • In 2019 machine learning will help software testers with key testing techniques such as regressing testing, predictive analysis and test suite optimization.
  • Performance testing will replace performance engineering in 2019.  The focus of this change will be on analyzing how all the elements of the system work together.

Web App Trends 2019

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that combine the benefits of the web and mobile app will now be emerging as a popular choice, offering users a modern experience of both worlds. Therefore in 2019, a site will now load faster, even if the networking does not.

Other Web App Trends in 2019

  • Chatbots will find mainstream use, especially web development frameworks that are optimized for smartphone use
  • ‘Sticky elements’ will become a standard feature in web apps crafted using web development technologies
  • The intuitive and advanced front end functionality of Single page apps will find increased use, especially in enterprise grade web apps

Data Visualization Trends 2019

According to Tableau’s ‘Business Intelligence Trends Report’, 2019 will see more applications of data storytelling in the analytics process wherein analysts can display the analysis’ progression by means of using scrolling dashboards or multi-page to start a conversation with employees of the organization.

Other Data Visualization Trends in 2019

  • VR and AR applications will make data processing and its presentations more intuitive and easy to understand
  • With the improvement of smartphone computing power and cloud services, mobile apps will be the primary conduit for data visualization applications

The Bottom-line

2018 saw Wireless companies looking towards 5G while 2019 is roaring with 5G.  In 2018 Google showed off its Duplex AI but come 2019, Alexa is all over the world gobbling up smart home companies. In 2018, Blockchain technology had just evolved but in 2019 Digital twins and Edge computing are the talk of the town. However, Deep learning, and virtual reality are among the tech trends that Technology experts predict will rule the roost in 2019. Summing it up, Sophie Scott, Global Managing Director Technology, and Senior Partner, Fleishman Hillard says” The technology that people once feared, they now embrace. What they once barely even imagined, they now barely even notice”. And we would add it to and say” it’s all for global convenience!