If mobile app is what most enterprises need today to stay afloat, a lot many of them, across a wide swath of industries, have woken up to this pressing need. The bigger problem for these enterprises, however, is how to make their employees use these tools. Unless this happens on a wide scale, all their efforts to get a positive ROI on their app development projects would fall flat on its face.  So the challenge today lies in developing an app which guarantees high employee engagement. In this blog we take a look at what it takes to maximize user engagement.

But first let’s step aside for a while and have a look at the evolution of payment systems. Paying with cash has been there for long, but with the advent of cards, it is all set to be phased out. Why have cards successfully upstaged currency? The answer is simple – it’s hard to beat the convenience. No waiting for change, counting out pennies and stuffing it into your wallet. Next, comes Apple Pay. It’s just a matter of time before this mode of payment actually replaces cards. The reason – it replaces swipe with touch.  The reason why one is effectively replacing the other is that each offers a solution that really is better than the other.

Now coming back to enterprise mobility solution, you need to have a closer look at what value your app is providing to your employee? After all, your employees too are looking for a solution that helps them be better and more efficient. Are you addressing these needs? Most companies err in believing that their employees will use their apps for the sake of using them and slowly get used to them. This is where they go wrong and see their app budget going right down the drain.

To ensure employee engagement enterprises just need to get their basics right. Here’s a list of all that which matter the most:

Trim Functionality

When you stuff too much functionality, you end up frustrating your employees. Instead, when you incorporate features based on the use cases for a given process, you make it more user friendly and can see greater user adoption.

Make it Consumer-Like

The look and feel of your enterprise app must be as good as any other consumer app in the market. This would not draw but lure employees to your apps. However, it is hard to do this with the more traditional enterprise apps. The easiest way to achieve this is by getting employees involved in the design making process and also during the development stage. If employees don’t think the app does what it is supposed to, go back to the drawing board – you haven’t nailed it.

Introduce Formal Communications Programs

Security and privacy concerns thwart app adoption to a great extent. Employees are either concerned about the vulnerability of their personal data or don’t want to be accountable for any corporate data leakage resulting from improper use of apps. These fears can be addressed by holding formal communications programs clearly conveying to workers how the privacy of their personal data and apps is safeguarded from corporate data.

Just as listening to employee feedback is critical to boosting app adoption, adapting to change would ensure long term sustainability of your enterprise app.