Your Mobile App Will Stand Out Only if it Adds Value. Learn How to Deliver the Right Value with Your App

Jun 23, 2017
Mobile Application Development

Everyone want their business’s mobile app to stand out in a crowd. However, most end up delivering apps that fade them into the crowd. The primary reason behind this failure is their inability to determine whether the app will produce any real value to the user. The end objectives of your app are to — increase revenue, improve customer service and enhance brand awareness, but hoping to achieve them without delivering value to your customers can defeat the very purpose of owning a business app.

How They Added Value

Here are few examples of how companies try to deliver true value to customers with their app. An insurance company launched an app that allows teens let their parents know about their whereabouts. While on the one hand it gives parents peace of mind, on the other it helped teens convey their location to parents without making a call. So, with a useful service the app provides great value to its users while, at the same time, helping the company build brand awareness effortlessly. Helping drivers identify parking space via smartphones, is an idea which a BMW service center in Minnesota hit upon to deliver value to its existing customers. It invited owners of privately owned parking lots and drive ways to register with the app and monetize the space when they are off at work or to the store or on vacation. Likewise, Enfamil, maker of infant formula, uses its app to provide its customers with parenting tips and baby activities.

What You Need to Do to Identify Value

These examples show that evaluating and finding proven cases of delivering measurable value to your users can make your app stand out in the crowd. Simply put, your app can deliver true value only if it does something to improve your users’ situation. But the crux of the problem lies in identifying this customer value proposition. Here’s a list of things that you need to consider for identifying the right value to deliver:

  • Look for pains or gains that matter the most to your customers. If it is pains, provide a solution for unresolved ones. If it is gains, provide a solution to fulfil unrealized ones.
  • Look for pains or gains that are shared by many and across geographies. Ones that people are ready to spend upon can be most ideal.
  • Pains or gains, don’t restrict your solution to functional jobs. Instead, aim for emotional issues and provide a functional solution to it.
  • Sometimes, there might be a partial solution to the identified pain or gain in the market. Make up for this shortcoming with a wholesome solution. Offer features not provided by your competitors.
  • Align your success metrics with how your customers measure success.

While all these can help you find the right value to deliver to your customers, you may yet botch things up if you fail to keep your solution simple and straight. Use your app to deliver only one value to your customer. This will help you pack least number of features into your app and make things less confusing and frustrating.

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