What are the Advantages of Using AngularJS for Application Development?

Apr 19, 2021
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AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. An open-source framework, AngularJS helps users add to the interactive factor of a website. AngularJS is widely popular for its ability to create single-page applications. A lot of emphasis is on code testability and quality. It is one of the reasons why developers prefer it over other


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Some prominent businesses like Amazon, PayPal, and Netflix use AngularJS for developing their web applications. So, let’s dive into this article to understand what makes AngularJS the preferred option and how it can ultimately help you.

What Makes AngularJS Unique when Compared with other Frameworks

There is no shortage of JavaScript frameworks in the market, but AngularJS enjoys a lot of popularity. Since it has an open-source platform, users get good support from fellow AngularJS developers. AngularJS combines the application modules and HTML codes to create an efficient framework for applications.

AngularJS framework helps in facilitating the agile development of applications. It helps in saving the two most important resources: time and money. If you are bothered about what platform to choose for the development of your web applications, here are nine compelling reasons why Angular JS is a suitable option.

Benefits of AngularJS 

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Here are some of the benefits of AngularJS that make the framework worth to try

  • Open source

Users can get a lot of flexibility due to the open-source framework of AngularJS. Since it has a JavaScript base, AngularJS remains affordable for businesses. Changing the present source code based on business needs is easy because the framework simplifies it into shortcodes. Users can also get access to some technical and operational features of open source like interoperability, interpreted collaboration, -oriented technologies, and powerful supportability.

  • Easy testing

Users get support for both integration and unit testing types. Being a JavaScript framework, there is a need for better testing efficiency. It is because there is a lot of dynamic coding. However, AngularJS offers support for tools like Jasmine and Karma. They help in easing out the testing operations.

  • Extendibility

AngularJS has characteristics that allow HTML functionality. It helps in improving the extendibility where every function can have a dedicated behavior. It is also possible for these characteristics to make individual directives and offer the capabilities of customization. Since these characteristics also come in-built, users get better extendibility. You can facilitate the integration of multiple applications or tools without any issues.

  • Google support

One of the most crucial advantages of AngularJS is that Google manages it. Users are bound to get extensive support from the AngularJS community. The applications also get auto-upgraded whenever there are any updates by Google. In the case of the corporate intranet, businesses can get better capability support for remote users through Google-supported websites.

  • Easy customization

Creating applications from scratch can consume a lot of time. It is where the customization benefit of AngularJS comes into the picture. If your customers place any request or add any feedback, you can easily add or delete features to the application. When there are only user-friendly features, applications become reliable to use. You can furthermore get the benefit of extended testing whenever you add or remove any feature. The entire process is seamless.

  • No additional language knowledge

AngularJS has JavaScript, CSS, and HTML scripting languages. So, there is no need to learn any other language. These three languages are easy to understand as they do not require extensive knowledge. So, you can work on AngularJS with no hassles. It is one of the reasons why a large number of developers use AngularJS for all their web application development needs.

  • Better design

The design architecture is simple and easy to use. If you have a developer who joins mid-way during the project, they will not have difficulties understanding all the aspects. Developers can work themselves around with thousands of components without breaking a sweat. Identifying the code and programming becomes easy. 

Businesses with the changing needs of customers also get an advantage. They can redesign the architecture and make apps beneficial for their audience.

  • Less coding

AngularJS allows developers to create shortcodes. Developers can spend less time on coding and focus more on improving the efficiency of the application. Whenever there are new ideas at the implementation stage, your developers can incorporate them easily. As there is less coding, revamping or deleting existing codes becomes possible.

  • Simple architecture

The easy-to-use architecture makes coding and designing seamless. Since there are no complexities, developers can handle multi-faceted business requirements at ease. If there is a need to bring in modifications in applications based on user needs, your developers will be able to handle them better.

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