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getSmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in developing websites using the dynamic AngularJS framework. As an AngularJS web development company, we bring you the limitless potential of the most popular web development framework that is currently in use. We leverage the lightweight programming features of the AngularJS framework to create rich and interactive experience for your customers every time they log into your business website. We are made up of a team of top AngularJS UI Bootstrap engineers, developers, consultants, designers, and programmers who have detailed knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

As a powerful JavaScript Framework, AngularJS is used in Single Page Application (SPA) projects. We have used its attributes to enable more responsive user actions in video streaming apps, travel apps, ecommerce sites, user-review apps, etc. Our knowledge of how to use this framework to build a comprehensive solution for rapid front-end development can provide you robust solutions for your business needs. If you desire scalability, testability, and a RESTful API, our AngularJS web developer is always your best bet.

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GetSmartCoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

Our Comprehensive AngularJS Development Services

One of the first things you can do to set your business up for long-term success is to invest in a content-rich website with dynamic features. The best way to get information across to your clients is by leveraging the abundant facilitating features of AngularJS. You can use our competency in AngularJS for:

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Our AngularJS Web Development Service Process and Mobile Application Development Process

We follow an industry-standard development process to offer you the best quality AngularJS web development services and mobile application development. Our process consists of the following 6 steps:

01 Plan
Requirements for mobile app development

The initiation of the build begins with the understanding of your requirements and customize our approach to design a website with AngularJS. We conduct sessions with key stakeholders of your organization to gain an in-depth understanding of the scopes and objectives of the AngularJS development project. Based on a mutual agreement, we identify the project milestones that are to be met within an agreed timeline and select KPIs that determine the success of the project.

02 Design
Design the UI UX of mobile app

We begin building real-time applications that are capable of providing a dynamic look and feel. In the design stage, our developers create a visual representation of the product that is to be developed using the AngularJS framework. This helps you to determine whether the development approach undertaken by us coincide with what you have visualized about the product in terms of look, features, and functionality. We then note down our design and development process flow and document specifications to define the purpose of the product.

03 Build
Development of mobile app

We leverage the ability of AngularJS to host a large amount of code on the client side, to make the website and the web application faster. We chalk out the architecture of the product that includes all the primary and secondary features and the way they would interact with each other. This architecture will be created in a way that it is responsive to the consumer dynamics, consumer's business, and IT environments.

04 Maintenance
Testing Process of mobile app

A support team with a detailed understanding of the framework is deployed to keep the application up and running. Regular maintenance and monitoring to detect any bug in the product are a critical cog of our entire AngularJS web app development process flow. Our experts conduct regular check-ups of the infrastructure and continuously monitor the product to ensure its seamless operationality and functionality.

05 Launch
Deploy mobile apps for go live

The application is deployed in the live environment. The process of fine-tuning the application for optimum performance in the live environment is then initiated. In this stage of the AngularJS product development, we obtain approvals from all the key stakeholders across your enterprise to release the product. We introduce a specific software in the product to enable you get complete control of the data that will be generated by the product.

06 Beta Test
Support and Maintenance of mobile apps

This step entails rigorous testing process to help identify bugs and glitches. All of the identified shortcomings are addressed, and the application is prepped up for deployment. Multiple layers of quality assurance tests are conducted during the AngularJS web app development process. Our QA testers check the product integrations for its security and functionality.

Sports & Recreation
Wellness & Fitness

Industries We Serve

We have aided a diverse range of industries with our AngularJS web app development services to create products that meet their aim of propagating their business and augment their market share.

Food & Drink
Transportation &
Photo & Video
Social Networking
Oil & Gas

Benefits of Using AngularJS in Web Development

Today, a website brings vital information about a business to the fingertips of its customers. It also happens to be a template that tells clients about the nature of your business long before they touch base with you. To set up such a website, businesses need to employ the services of an experienced AngularJS web development company like getSmartcoders. We leverage all these aspects of AngularJS for web development to empower your business with the following features:

Web Applications

We do web development using AngularJS to bring your content to a variety of platforms and devices. This means, irrespective of the type of operating system that is used on the personal devices of your customers, the information is displayed with identical efficiency.

Cross-functional Features

We help you leverage AngularJS to reproduce the same user experience on all of the major browsers that are loaded by OEMs on their devices.

Agile Methodology

A modern-day business is subject to constant change. With the development process that we follow, we successfully retrofit new requirements to achieve the desired effect of the finished platform.

Concise and Lightweight Codebase

The framework supports native features like the reusability of HTML scripts. We make good use of these features to make a website fast and light compared to its legacy counterparts.

Reduced Costs and Server Loads

With AngularJS being innately flexible, we ensure that your website ranks high consistently, in terms of sheer performance.

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Our AngularJS Developer Hiring Models

We hire developers who exhibit a domain-specific technical acumen and profound business knowledge to implement preciseness in the product development process. We delegate such resources for your project on the following basis:

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