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Leverage Our Proficiency to Tap into the Limitless Potential of AngularJS Development

GetSmartCoders has over 10 years of experience in developing websites using the dynamic AngularJS framework. We have, over the years, leveraged this framework to change the way our clients’ websites perform in terms of speed and responsiveness. As a powerful JavaScript Framework, AngularJS is used in Single Page Application (SPA) projects. We have used its attributes to enable more responsive user actions in video streaming apps, travel apps, ecommerce sites, user-review apps, etc. Our knowledge of how to use this framework to build a comprehensive solution for rapid front-end development can provide you robust solutions for your business needs.

Our Comprehensive AngularJS Development Services

One of the first things you can do to set your business up for long-term success is to invest in a content-rich website with dynamic features. The best way to get information across to your clients is by leveraging the abundant facilitating features of AngularJS .

As a pre-eminent software company, you can use our competency in AngularJS for:

  • Comprehensive AngularJS Development integrated with diverse server-side technologies such as ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, JAVA/JSP, PHP, etc
  • Hybrid Application Development
  • Content Management Tools Development and Maintenance
  • AngularJS Native App Development
  • Responsive Web Portal Design
  • Industry Specific Website Development

We Leverage AngularJS to Bring the Best of Web and Mobile App Development

As an AngularJS Development Company, we bring you the limitless potential of the most popular web development framework that is currently in use. We leverage the lightweight programming features of the AngularJS framework to help you create rich and interactive experience for your clients every time they log into your business website.

Our team of developers have the experience of developing dynamic websites for numerous global clients, spanning multiple industries. From small-scale businesses to multinational giants, we have helped our clients harness the power and functionality of a truly responsive website. Our completed projects have translated into higher hit rates and successful marketing campaigns for our clients.

Once trained AngularJS developers,, we bring together a great mix of graphic designers, database architects and a result oriented support team to help your business realize its true potential.

How Our AngularJS Development Service

Empowers Your Business

Today, a website brings vital information about a business to the fingertips of its customers. It also happens to be a template that tells clients about the nature of your business long before they touch base with you. So, investing in a good website based on the most advanced technology, is of paramount importance to businesses. To set up such a website, businesses need to employ the services of an experienced AngularJS Development Company like GetSmartCoders. We leverage the ability of the AngularJS framework to reduce the load on the server side and help you build a fast website that scales well on multiple devices. We also develop compact AngularJS mobile applications for a wide range of businesses, according to their needs.

Applications developed using this AngularJS offer a remarkable blend of flexibility and high performance because its unique features like ‘Dependency Injection’ (DI) and ‘Angular Routing’ can be used for code re-usage. In addition its code is highly scalable. Further, it comes with ‘unit testing’ and ‘end to end‘ testing features that enhance the speed of development. When you Outsource AngularJS Development to us, we leverage all these aspects of AngularJS development to empower your business with the following features:

We use AngularJS to bring your content to a variety of platforms and devices. This means, irrespective of the type of operating system that is used on the personal devices of your customers, the information is displayed with identical efficiency.

We help you leverage AngularJS to reproduce the same user experience on all of the major browsers that are loaded by OEMs on their devices.

A modern-day business is subject to constant change. With the development process that we follow, we successfully retrofit new requirements to achieve the desired effect of the finished platform.

The framework supports native features like the reusability of HTML scripts. We make good use of these features to make a website fast and light compared to its legacy counterparts.

With AngularJS being innately flexible, we ensure that your website ranks high consistently, in terms of sheer performance.

Our AngularJS Web and Mobile Application Development Process

The initiation of the build begins with the understanding of your requirements and customize our approach to design a website with AngularJS.

We begin building real-time applications that are capable of providing a dynamic
look and feel.

We leverage the ability of AngularJS to host a large amount of code on the client side, to make the website and the web application faster.

A support team with a detailed understanding of the framework is deployed to keep the application up and running.

The application is deployed in the live environment. The process of fine-tuning the application for optimum performance in the live environment is then initiated.

Beta Test
This step entails a rigorous testing process to help identify bugs and glitches. All of the identified shortcomings are addressed, and the application is prepped up for deployment.

Know Our AngularJS Developers

We are made up of a team of top AngularJS UI Bootstrap engineers, developers, consultants, designers and programmers who have detailed knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. They also have extensive experience in building products with AngularJS and so can give you solutions from ground up. If you desire scalability, testability, and a RESTful API, our AngularJS web developer is always your best bet.

Why Outsource AngularJS Development to getSmartcoders

Custom Application Development More than 10 years of experience in website application development using AngularJS

alue add-consulting Over 1000+ software experienced software professionals comprehensive understanding of all versions of AngularJS, including     Angular 4

Custom Application Development Proficiency in other front-end web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3, XML, AJAX, and Bootstrap

alue add-consulting 24x7 development and maintenance services

Custom Application Development Up to 30% reduction in TAT from global delivery centers

alue add-consulting Up to 40% reduction in
development costs

Looking for an AngularJS development company to develop mobile apps and websites? Outsource your responsive website design needs to GetSmartCoders to give your business the maximum visibility.