The Standard Methodologies Used for Developing Custom Software & Their Benefits

Sep 6, 2021
custom software development services

The business world has become more competitive than ever as consumer preferences are fast evolving. It has made personalization and customization assume much importance. Today, businesses cannot ignore meeting the individual needs of customers if they want to thrive. Each customer has unique requirements and meeting them precisely is essential.

In the software development front, it has given rise to custom applications. Businesses today want to create customized apps that score highly on the personalization front. This article takes a look at custom app development and the different methodologies involved in the process that can benefit you.

An Overview of Custom Software Development 

Custom software development is a process that enables businesses to customize the software to their liking. The costs involved in creating such apps are higher as development services involve meeting unique business needs. There is thus a need for thorough implementation of the vision and testing of modules at various stages of app development.

The process involves longer app development cycles. It thus increases the completion and implementation time of projects. The gathering of requirements and testing feedback happens across an organization to ensure everyone agrees with the outcomes. When businesses pay to develop these apps, they get the rights to ensure it remains unique to them.

7 Custom Software Development Methodologies and Their Benefits 

Here is a list of seven software development methodologies and how you can take advantage of them.

  • Big Bang Model

It is a methodology for basic projects where clients do not have much idea of their requirements. There is also openness regarding how the project would shape. The process remains straightforward as there are no formal procedures or protocols involved. 

Both the client and vendor do not need to plan anything. Managing the project becomes easy as there are minimal resources that can easily get managed. However, the model is not ideal in situations where complexities can arise at a later stage.

  • Prototype Model

This method involves the creation of a prototype solution that the vendor can showcase to the client. The prototype evolves further based on the suggestions of the client. Software development is complex as it requires evaluation at each stage of the project. So, the prototype model methodology proves to be handy.

The methodology also enables the creation of better documentation, which also reduces the chances of failures. However, extensive documentation can lead to added burden in terms of project timelines and costs.

  • Waterfall Model

It follows the old-school lifecycle approach to software development and has been popular for quite some time. The app development process remains rigid as everything has a fixed pattern. Clients can expect a seamless flow of each step of app development that ensures adherence to timelines.

It is a one-size-fits-all approach that can suit projects of various kinds. Businesses find it easier to adopt this method as project flow is seamless and easy to follow. Both the client and vendor can enjoy flexibility as things can go as planned. However, if things don’t ultimately work out at any step, the entire project can lose control.

  • Agile Software Development Methodology

This approach is quite popular among vendors and developers. It allows changes that developers can introduce continuously for software development. The model offers excellent flexibility as developers can segregate the software into iterations, which reduces the risk factor. 

The agile manifesto has sequences that get defined by practices and methods related to values. The agile methodology offers speedy resolution and quick feedback, which is one of its plus points. Businesses can avoid costly errors by scheduling testing at each stage.

With excellent transparency on offer, clients can keep a close tab on the software development process. The methodology is not ideal for low-scale projects as it requires domain experts who can execute everything well.

  • Rapid Action Development Methodology

The methodology involves execution and completion of projects rapidly. Vendors leverage agile and prototype models to ensure that iterations are quick and the project moves along quickly and hassle-free. The testing at each stage of the project ensures errors get resolved quickly. It helps in the rapid completion and launch of the project.

  • Dynamic Systems Development Model

The methodology involves a fixed budget, timelines, and heavy involvement of users. Developers using this method get advantages of continuous feedback that can improve the functionality of apps. The methodology also involves breaking down a project into iterations by using the agile software development methodology. Developers then work on individual bits with a unique approach.

  • Feature Driven Development Methodology

This methodology involves the addition of features into the system based on user feedback. Whether it is about the building or designing stage, the project gets executed based on features. The method also uses iterations to improve the app functionality and productivity of developers. 

Clients and vendors can also reduce the complexities at various stages of the project. It is an ideal methodology for large-scale projects where the stakes involved are high. The project management also gets simplified through well-defined SOPs.

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