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GetSmartCoder has over 10 years of experience in providing offshore software development services. Over the years we developed and deployed robust software development solutions for several businesses across multiple domains across the globe and are counted as one of the top custom software development company in the world.

Custom software development for us is not just about technical qualifications. We owe our success to our general qualities in equal measure. We listen to you, ask the right questions, build the big picture, and map them before the project gets underway. We know every project evolves as it proceeds and so keep ourselves ready to deal and manage with the changes as and when they arise. We invest time in teaching our developers how your business works and how the new software should fit into your process. All these, together, ensures you have a product that improves every identifiable metric within your company.

We are a partner-friendly custom software development company and specialize in building and integrating advanced business applications with your legacy systems. Our ability to develop and deploy robust, scalable and extensible architectures can arm your business with tomorrow’s solutions today and help you be prepared for rapidly the evolving changes.

Build Your Ideas

Our Complete Offshore Software Development Solutions

As a specialized custom software development company, we specialize in a range of custom software development services. Some of these include:

Web Application Development Services

Having a strong app idea is one thing, but translating it into a meaningful product calls for a clear focus. By clearly outlining and identifying goals and milestones, we ensure your web application concept comes to life the and delivers value the way you want. With 8 offshore software development centers we can deliver you the comprehensive benefits of outsourcing your needs to us.

Mobile App Development services

If great mobile app development is the outcome of best practices, we ensure this with our comprehensive design and deployment process. We depute a team with the right breadth and depth to choose the best design methodology, select the most appropriate architecture and test your app for all those factors that can make a difference to your app.

Software Product Development Services

As software product development is a challenge laden process, we draw on our vast experience to develop solutions to conquer all challenges to your problems. we either assume complete responsibility to develop your product or jointly work with you to analyze, design, develop, and test your product.

Software Integration Services

Adding new software to your portfolio can be a glitch free exercise, only if it is driven with an intelligent integration strategy. Our software integration services are designed with the insight needed to help you reap optimum benefits from your software assets. Outsource software integration services to us to ensure seamless integration.

UX Designing and Prototyping Services

Great UX designing comes with careful planning, analysis and continuous improvement. Our UX developers bring knowledge, expertise and end-user understanding to the table to ensure your user gets influenced exactly the way you want.

Software Maintenance and Support Services

There’s more to application maintenance than just bug-fixing or remedial action. Applications need to be maintained to make software performance more agile, adapt to a changing environment and troubleshoot when there is a need. Outsource software maintenance and support requirements to us and rest assured about the support you need.

Software Modernization Services

We help you make up your mind when you are in doubts about whether to migrate or re-platform legacy applications. At the same time, we bring our knowledge and experience to the fore to re-platform apps and sync them with modern day platforms. To get more out of your existing IT systems outsource your software modernization requirements to us.

With such a comprehensive list of services, we have emerged as a one-stop custom software development company for our clients.

Benefits of Choosing an Experienced Custom Software Development Company

When it comes to applications specific to your business, off-the-shelf software can let you down sooner than you expect. This, however, is not the case with a custom application. It fits your specific requirements like a glove, and gives your business the flexibility it needs to meet ever changing requirements.

With a custom software, you get the following benefits:

You, get a software based on the technology you need. You also get the freedom to update your software, as and when you want

You can maintain the program in the long run, and scale it up to support your business growth as and when required

You know the vulnerabilities specific to your business and so can tailor make a software to withstand those vulnerabilities

You can get your software designed to work with the hardware you possess so that integration hassles get eliminated

You have full access to your product maintenance plan as you are aware of your customized program

When you outsource custom software development requirements to us, we ensure you get a software that delivers you all these benefits

Software Development Services: Methodologies We Follow

The success of your project depends a lot on project methodology. Both sequential Waterfall and Iterative Agile have their pros and cons and are best suited for different project types. We help you choose the model most suitable for your business after analyzing all the factors related to your requirements.

Agile SDLC Methodology

Scrum Framework

In scrum projects, we prioritize tasks based on your requirements. It consists of several short periods of work. The work period extends to a mutually agreed number of days following which all the stakeholders and team members meet to review progress and chalk subsequent plans.

Kanban Framework

We use this methodology to complete a project in progressive sequence, until we reach the last task. Unlike Scrum, the team only focuses on the work that's in progress. In this process, the project manager is free to take a decision on prioritizing work.

Waterfall SDLC Methodology

In this methodology, we note down full requirements and create an interactive prototype with complete specifications. The prototype also includes the test plan, project plan and detailed estimate by task. A detailed methodology like this can save your implementation costs and time by 40%.
We implement the technology with the best practices in mind so that can your software can be modified when there is a need, or make sure a developer can pick up from where we left off.

Our Software Development Process

Our well-defined custom software development methodology is based on best industry-standards and includes stages like

Gathering and reviewing Requirements to understand your needs

Analyzing requirements in light of technical capabilities Usability and interface needs

Creating software design based on information Gathered

Validating and testing every code segment and When they are developed

Installing and integrating the software on the desired platform

Final testing and verification to ensure quality standards are met

Advantages of Custom Software Development

As organizational and market dynamics change with time, it becomes necessary for businesses to adapt to newer technologies to maintain their market share. Because it is difficult for organizations to change their existing processes, it then becomes exceedingly important to invest in software that is designed exclusively to align with their unique business model and in-house processes. This investment helps optimize business processes instead of replacing them. There are numerous benefits to using customized software. Some of these advantages include:

  • Cost-effective as it can be scaled easily to meet your changing operational needs
  • Custom software is designed to work seamlessly with your hardware and IT infrastructure
  • Efficient and reliable technical support services to help with any issues that may arise
  • Improves the flow of information between disparate processes
  • Delivers automated workflows for repetitive tasks
  • Increases collaboration between stakeholders that makes organizations more agile
  • Security is enhanced as the company’s personalized solution is harder to hack
  • Increases productivity because less time is spent trying to manoeuvre incompatible tools
  • Can work directly with developers to make enhancements and adjustments as needed
  • Improves interoperability, which in itself helps boost productivity and streamline processes
  • Offers more value to your customer by designing novel or innovative features
  • More intuitive to use and eliminates the need for unnecessary installations

Tools and Technologies We Use for Custom Software Development

Having worked for different requirements for different fields, we bring in the kind of custom application development experience your business needs to get an effective and robust solution. We bring this to you at lower costs and quick turnaround time so that you can get the right market advantage over your competitors.

We have complete expertise on the following technologies:
custom software development technologies

Build Your Ideas

Know Your Offshore Software Developers

Our developers are chosen for competence and productivity. All are great at writing codes and have a lot of experience under their belts. There are some who also excel in a consulting role, providing the strategic advice and guidance. We bank on them to satisfy both the system and creative requirements of your project. These developers are trained to share a realistic and transparent plan with you. The innate enjoyment in cracking codes binds all our developers together, so our track record of delivering a quality output has always been consistent.

Custom Software Development Outsourcing: Know Why We Are the Best

Delegate your offshore software development services to us because we provide:

Custom Application Development 10+ years of 'Custom Application Development' expertise

alue add-consulting Value add-consulting

project management Effective project management and communication process

competitive rates Highly competitive

lexible business models Flexible business models (On Shore, Off Shore, Hybrid)

Guaranteed timeline Guaranteed timeline and budget estimates

Looking for a reliable offshore software development company? Outsource custom software development service to GetSmartCoders to begin the discovery process.