A Custom Software Development Company That Builds Comprehensive Software Solutions to Unlock Your Innovation

If you are seeking to build a custom software solution to eliminate issues common to boxed software, it’s important to rope in the right partner - a partner who is committed to the idea of continuous adoption of the latest methodologies and technologies to build comprehensive custom software.

getSmartCoders is an elite custom software development company that is looking to constantly improve our processes with technologies to always stay relevant. Which is why we guarantee solutions that will unlock innovation and meet your custom requirements. Also, we mark our development process with small and large milestones to ensure that your project meets our excellence standards during each phase of the development journey.

  • Java
  • .Net
  • VC++
  • PHP
  • HTML

Glimpse of Work

GetSmartCoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

  • Software Product Development
  • API Integration
  • Desktop Application Development
  • System Integration
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Software Application Maintenance
  • Software Enhancement and Modernization

Custom Software Application Development Services

As a leading custom software development company, we have the skills and expertise required to build custom software solutions that will address the cross-functional business requirements of our clients. Be it a robust web solution to support thousands of concurrent users, or an advanced mobile app to revitalize customer experiences, we leverage our vast experience to give you what you want. Our team of professionals have wide experience in custom software development for a wide variety of industries and so can give you a solution that is exactly in line with your needs.

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Our Custom Software Development Process

As an established custom software development company, getSmartCoders has always banked on a proven process to develop applications that are tailored for business needs. It consists of the following steps:

01 Analysis of

Our developers conduct several meetings to gather your requirements. They take time to understand your specifications, so that your business objectives can be aligned with your technical needs.

02 Design

This is the stage when we design the architecture of your system. Factors such as budget, and time constraints are considered while designing. It is at this stage that we develop mock-up interfaces to demonstrate how the software will work.

03 Development &

The final product is coded according to the Software Specification Document and internal design instructions finalized in the preceding stage. We follow Agile methodology to improve productivity and workflow.

04 Testing &
Quality Assurance

Our test engineers perform a host of functional and non-functional testing on the developed product to ensure it performs according to its detailed specifications. They also ensure security and scalability are not compromised and go on to fix any bugs that are detected in the process.

05 Deployment

The final stage of the process is actually deploying the solution built by our custom software application development company’s developers. We bank on best market practices and a checklist-based guide to make the deployment process seamless, so that there are fewer failures and quick recovery times.

06 Monitoring &

Our coders continuously monitor and update the system to ensure the software’s performance is not compromised in any way. We make sure our maintenance operations are as least time-consuming and, at the same time, as robust as possible.

Sports & Recreation
Wellness & Fitness

Industries We Serve

As a premium custom software development company, our solutions have been tested across industries. It has helped businesses across industry verticals improve business agility, flexibility, and scalability.

Education &
Retail & E-Commerce
Travel & Tourism
Media &
Food & Beverages
Shipping, Transportation & Logistics
Social Networking
Oil & Gas
Utilities & Energy

We Leverage

  • Android
  • iOS
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • SQL Azure
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Kubernetes
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • Jenkins
  • Gitlab CI/CD
  • Puppet
  • Docker
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • React
  • Python
  • .NET
  • Node.js
  • Java
  • PHP

Benefits of Developing Custom Software Solutions

Our customized software solutions are designed to serve as an asset to help you overcome unique challenges. Here are just a few benefits that businesses can expect to receive when they choose to invest in our customized software solutions:


Our development teams help you take complete ownership of the custom software once it has been successfully developed and deployed. This means that we do not maintain any control of your software once it is safely in your hands.

Flexibility &

A good custom software requires enough flexibility to add enhancements and features as the business grows and expands. Our custom software solutions help enterprises meet all their scalability needs with highly flexible features.


Custom software can be built to easily integrate the apps, tools, platforms, programs, and technologies used within an organization. We help enterprises build solutions that make this integration seamless.

Reduced Risk

We help enterprises have complete control of their business operations by delivering solutions that are highly secure. We ensure that the security features incorporated into the solution are as per the latest industry norms and best practices.

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Our Custom Software Developer Hiring Model

Our custom software developers have experience in building unique solutions for equally unique applications and for a range of industries. We make our developers available to you for:

Part time

Full time


FAQs on Custom Software Development

Agile software development is a collaborative and iterative process through which software development teams deliver ‘chunks’ of customized software at a time. These chunks of software can be tested and modified to meet changing business needs during the development cycle. Agile software development requires adaptive planning and design, continuous implementation and advancements, and rapid response to external market conditions.

Our custom software development teams have worked with companies in the following industries: real estate, IoT, logistics and transportation, healthcare, retail and e-commerce, and energy and oil. The most important industries that we have found continuously need our services include media and entertainment, automotive, education, gaming, health and fitness, finance and banking, and travel and tourism.

getSmartcoders assigns software developers according to the needs of the custom software development project. The scale of the project will determine the resources that will be needed. Typically, we assign a team consisting of a front-end developer, back-end developer, project manager, UX/UI designer, technical architect, QA and software tester, and business analyst. Our services are flexible and can be scaled up as required. Larger projects will require dedicated teams of over 10 individuals as more hands will be needed to complete the entire project on schedule.

Developing custom software is a time-consuming task. It takes time to get familiar with the processes of your business, determine your technical needs, gather requirements, and design the software. Because time is money, based on how time-consuming the development of your software will be, the investment involved will also be quite significant. Once completed, though, you will own the code and the software that is built, instead of purchasing long-term licenses for off-the-shelf solutions that may miss the mark.

Our developers use a variety of technologies to develop custom software for your requirements. We use front-end technologies like React.JS and Angular.JS and back-end technologies like Node.JS, Django, and Python. We make it a point to only use the most current and advanced software development languages and technologies out there.

Our software developers are known for developing high quality code. We also have formal processes in place to ensure the development of high-quality products ranging from periodic code reviews to design walk-throughs. Moreover, we use QA and testing engineers to black-box test, conduct usage analysis, and white-box test to keep code quality optimal.

Our application development centers are situated largely in Bangalore, India.

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