Deciding on the most appropriate vendor for your business data analytics can be a very challenging task. Most businesses go wrong when they base this choice blindly on the vendor’s premeditated demonstrations. One should beware of such traps because many a times, these demos are showcased at the backdrop of custom-built scenarios and predefined data. The correct way to moderate this vital decision is to pivot your judgment on the basis of answers to questions that are inherent to your business. Although this task may seem a lot more daunting, you can stay rest assured that you will find the best analytics vendor for your ventures, by walking this route.

Questions you need to ask to an Analytics Vendor

Before meeting a prospective analytics vendor, make sure that you have done your homework well. It is advisable to frame an all-embracing questionnaire, keeping in mind the unique challenges that your business has been facing for a while. In doing so, you not only avoid the mistake of asking generic questions but can also make a better assessment of the solutions provided by the vendor. For example, when you put forward a very specific question like, “What are the differentiating traits of one-time customers and returning customers?”, the answer can help you gain some valuable information concerning the ability of the service provider to roll out convincing explanations and supporting real-life examples, without fussing or stumbling.

In case you are convinced by the answers, your next step should be to inquire about the underlying processes like how they consolidate data received from all their sources. This will give you an idea about the vendor’s capacity to deal with any kind of disaster, that might strike while handling batch processes for large volumes of data. In this regard, you might also choose to scrutinize the actions taken to tackle missing data and poor data quality. Furthermore, you must probe into the tools and metrics that are applied to derive statistically relevant answers. Lastly, it is also important to verify whether the analytics vendor can consolidate and present a compelling story of their journey in accomplishing a particular task. Such thorough exercise will help you to obtain a clearer insight into the practical knowledge and experience, that a promising partner can bestow on your trade.

Why choose us for your Data Analytics Requirements

We believe that the most convincing path to establish our worth is by showing you how we can use your datasets to produce actionable results. We are always open to answer queries pertaining to critical business matters, as this goes a significant mile in removing confusions from your mind. Our data integration process concentrates only on that fraction of data, that is indispensable for your processes. In doing so, we follow a step by step protocol, wherein we start small and then progress slowly yet steadily. With the intention of eliminating long intervals between questions, we fragment parallel and complicated data flows, to streamline the data optimization procedure. To deal with cases of missing data, we determine a suitable option among a string of choices, to get an unbiased outcome. Likewise, we have also sorted a scientific approach to handle error prone data. If accuracy is more important in comparison to completeness, we reject the error. We do accept the error if the margin lies in acceptable limits.

In case the correct value can be calculated, we rectify the error before proceeding but if correct value cannot be determined when completeness is critical, we substitute a default yet logical value for the sake of computation. Towards the end, we compare the results alongside the metrics to ensure that there is true intuitive sense. We also conduct audio-visual presentations to help you  clearly perceive the deductions at our end. Moreover, we leverage some special tools for data capturing, management and remarketing to lost prospects. In case your problem is unique, we have the potential to supply tailor-made software solutions to meet your requirements.