With the passage of time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to transform ice cold web-traffic into email subscribers. People are no longer giving into age old methods that offered eBooks, info graphics, whitepapers etc. in return of email addresses. This reaction can be attributed to the lost appeal of the traditional text squeeze pages. To revive from this pathetic state of affairs, marketers need to reinvent strategies to make their outmoded squeeze pages more appetizing for today’s users. Why not consider using a video instead of text to generate fresh excitement in your target audience pool? As we progress through the verses of this blog, let us make an effort to gauge the potential of a squeeze page video in enlarging your email list within a short span of time.

How can a video squeeze page bring about a striking difference?

It is a widely accepted fact that modern day users prefer watching videos rather than reading text. This makes it a promising mode to win trust and establish relationships on a large scale. By using videos it becomes much easier to attract crowd and fetch email ids, at the very first encounter with every individual.

Let us assume that you are into designing interiors and wish to use your website to showcase all the work you have undertaken, till date. How would you normally go about pitching yourself to your viewers? Probably your answer would be to use your homepage in presenting a phenomenal picture of a room that you have recently designed. Understandably, this is because of the capability of visuals to secure prompt eminence. While this first move will establish a firm grip on the masses, you can steadily implement other pages on your site to provide a detailed description of the services you offer. But in most cases it is observed that the first impression made by the homepage fades away by the time visitors enter the squeeze page. To overcome this, it is advisable to attach a catchy video on the squeeze page because; it gives you a greater opportunity to keep your audience engrossed in the content. At this juncture, you can choose the best info of the lot and pack them into a quick display, which will compel the viewers to leave you their email ids for further communications.

What kind of videos should your squeeze page display?

Make sure that squeeze page videos add value to a visitor’s search because this will help you win their trust. Here, you can choose to furnish some incomplete information to your visitor and his unquenched thirst for the remaining details is bound to make him provide his email id to you.

For instance, if we reconsider the example of the interior designer, it would be a great move to show the prelude of a rare but informative video on the squeeze page and then request the viewer to fill in his contact data, if he wanted to know the remaining part of the story. On the flip side, if you are against publishing the entire video content in instalments, you can also make an entry on the video squeeze page to persuade your audience on how effectively they can use the free info to boost their existing ideas. In addition, you can take help of one-of-a-kind testimonials or positive recommendations from reputed clients, to highlight unique aspects of your domain. Apart from this, squeeze pages can host vlogs and media mentions as other trusted modes, to instil your credibility in the minds of your viewers.

The proper way to add videos to your squeeze page

An entertaining audio-visual on your squeeze page can still fail to produce desired results unless you take help of alluring text and action words to invite your target audience. Do ensure a benefit portraying headline to inaugurate the video. If feasible, you can leave an intentional gap in the title information, to create curiosity in the masses. Last but not the least; incorporate a suggestive Click to Action (CTA) that will usher promises of a beneficial outcome in due course. After everything is done perfectly and your video squeeze page is ready to be launched, you can undertake a promotional drive on various platforms like- social media, blogs etc. to further increase conversion rates. The more people like and share your page, the greater is the probability of attracting serious traffic that will join your future email list.

How can we help you to create a high converting video squeeze page?

Indeed, it is an art to effectively use technology in designing a high converting video squeeze page, and demands the involvement of highly skilled and experienced professionals. At SmartCoders, we have years of proven expertise in creating customized squeeze page videos for clients across a broad spectrum of industries. For getting better results with your tailor-made video squeeze pages, please feel free to get in touch with our experts.