In today’s mobile-centric world, the only thing that can be invaluable to your business is a great mobile app. A great app has skyrocketed many businesses to incredible heights. However, for most, developing such an app remains as elusive as ever. It remains elusive, because most businesses are doing it the wrong way. They are trying to mimic the success of others, when the need is just to get the basics right i.e. developing an app with features which customers actually want. In this blog, we will be talking about what hooks a customer to an app.

What are Customers Looking for in an App?

The mobile experience is wholly unique from the desktop experience. The one thing your user is unmistakably looking for is how quickly your app helps them resolve an issue. If your app delivers a fast and easy solution, they will find it particularly impressive, even if it happens to do only one thing damn well. Next, customers want the mobile app design to showcase data sets in a concise and digestible way. Brief and precise information enables them to get over the task without any confusion. If there is lot of information, they still want it to be laid out simply. The more you un-complicate the information layout, the more would they love it.

Customers also love apps that pay attention to details. If an app has slide-out navigation panels, action buttons, images, icons etc. rightly laid out, it will give them an immersive experience. Likewise, good typography matters a lot to your users because it makes it easy for them to read the content. But sadly, this key requirement is often overlooked as most developers tend to compromise on either readability, space, contrast or responsiveness – all of which together affect typography in mobile apps.

How We Help You in Meeting Customer Expectations?

If ease of doing is one thing which the user is looking for, we ensure this by packing very less features and giving users a logical path to follow for easy navigation. This makes the design inherently intuitive and makes matters effortless for the user.  At times there may be a need to integrate too many features.  In such cases, we convince our customer to expand the scope of features with later releases so that the app meets its primary objective of being truly useful to users.

Similarly, we encourage packing less information, but if there is too much information to be included, we try to innovate. For instance, we may offer a birds-eye view of lots of data points of different groups and the user may need to tap on each group to get detailed and digestible information. Furthermore, depending on the need, we use multiple colors to highlight important sections of the information.

Finally, we pay great attention to those details which makes things immersive for the user. For instance, to ensure complete ease of use, we make the slide-outs work on both the left and right side of the app. We make sure that the display features big cover art and easy access to search and sharing features. Our primary focus is to make the text readable and so give emphasis to typography over decorative fonts. We strike the right balance between space, contrast and responsiveness to keep things perfectly readable.

The formula for your apps success lies in appeasing the customer. We know what it takes to achieve it.