Explainer videos have always been an instant hit with the crowd. There’s no two doubts that branding yourself with the right combination of visual and audio stimulation can create the desired impact in very easy ways. But there’s a drawback to this approach. When you are waiting to be discovered you are actually leaving things to chance. How about announcing your arrival with a bang, causing people to sit up and ponder about your advent. This way, you create a positive impression to induce them to your site.  Yes, we are talking about creating explainer videos which can go viral.

Given that virality is extremely unpredictable and the time, effort, and experience needed to attain this can be perpetually elusive, many may scoff at the very idea. But we believe an explainer video, gives you the twin advantage of explaining your services and making it interesting enough to go viral. So, why not exploit it to its potential.

4 Key Viral Video Lessons for Explainer Videos

Your explainer video can go viral if it has everything it takes for videos to go viral.  For that matter, it needs to be short, simple, to the point, identifiable, emotional, and actionable. However, there are few more things which are critical to turning enterprise videos into viral videos.

Be Inspiring

The power of an inspirational story is immense. It gives you a viral edge, because in their love to associate with it, everyone shares it instantly.

Be Upbeat

This is all about evoking strong emotions, but the emotions need to have an upbeat note. What this means is that you need to give a positive spin to your videos in order to ensure maximum sharing.

Be Involved

Answering client questions in unusually interesting ways can make your explainer video spread like jungle fire. This way you engage with everyone and make everyone feel important and induce them to share.

Be Timely

Being timely can help you jump to virality.  This means you need to make the most of current events. For instance, if yours is a big data company, sending out explainer videos when big data application may of great help (flash flood, earthquakes, elections etc.) can ensure huge shares.

How We Help Create Viral Explainer Videos

Making your explainer video go viral depends entirely upon the concept, relevance, quality, message and distribution. We attend to all of this with great precision, striking a perfect balance with every aspect of explainer and viral video, and merge the two for some real magic.  As a footnote, it needs to be added that creating a truly viral hit requires a healthy dose of luck. It’s better to try your luck out by going for the big than by restricting yourself to conventional explainer videos.