What is it that visitors want when they navigate from the home page of your website to your product page? They want their expectations to be met. While meeting expectations can get you a customer, exceeding them may make you popular overnight. Your key to winning customers, therefore, lies in designing an out-of-the-world product page – one which not just lives up to the promise made by your home page, but throws up a big surprise – big enough to connect you instantly with your visitor.

Bellroy, a wallet company, which specializes in producing wallets thinner-than-typical ones, leverages its product page to send its connect with its consumer. The company divided its product page into three stages of the buyer’s journey — understanding the problem, possible solutions to the problem, and Bellroy’s solution to the problem. The company uses an interactive section to compare the two wallets, in which users can move a slider to fill up the wallets with cards and cash and test the effectiveness of the solution.  The product page is used to provide convincing answers to all the questions visitors may have in their mind thus helping them make up their minds faster.

The role of a product page is no less than that of a virtual salesperson, who tactfully converts interest into sales. When a potential customer lands onto the product page, he has most likely reached the research phase of his buying exercise. From here on, it is important to connect with their expectations. Like the the example above, retailers need to include such elements into their product page, which provide a unique blend of critical reasoning and emotion, while detailing the item’s usage and value for money. Every styling component of the page such as photography, videography, script, typography, tabulation, etc., need to work together to convince the visitor. It’s all about detailing information, to inspire confidence.

Here’s another example of how a well thought out product page can help you win more buyers. Square – a mobile payment enabler – uses its product page in an innovative way to deliver its value proposition to customers. With a visually captivating display and answers to frequently asked questions, laid out with plenty of white space, clear font, precise copy, and appropriate images, Square convinces visitors of its indispensability. It addresses the critical reasoning of visitors, clears doubts in a matter of minutes and unfailingly moves them down the sales funnel.

While boosting sales, may be the ultimate objective, there is yet another great benefit of having a great product page. A good product page is likely to be shared many more times than an individual homepage. For instance, those who like Bellroy’s wallets will want their friends to know how it can truly make a difference to their lives. If you can display the USP of your product in such eye-catching ways, your product may well become the talk of the town.