Is blogging contributing enough to your organization’s growth? Most organizations would sound clueless to this question. For some of them, blogging might be working fine, helping them drive traffic into their website, converting visitors into leads and establishing their authority in the markets. But ask them if blogging is cutting edge anymore or if it is potent enough to sustain the leads in future, and they would sound equally perplexed.

To say that blogging has outlived its utility is certainly an overstatement. But one must agree that interest over blogging has plateaued over the years. And that’s because of the emergence of video blogging, commonly known as “vlogging” – an activity which just requires passive listening, and hence, is less demanding and more relaxing on the visitors’ mind. Currently, video blogging is still in its infancy and its sea of underlying potential is yet to be explored. However, it is projected that by this year end, 75% of the web’s traffic will consist of video content only. An industry giant like Google has released a statement, saying that they are soon expecting to see YouTube overpower mainstream TV as the ultimate destination for viewers of all age groups.

Make an Impression Without Making an Effort

In today’s fast paced environment, audio-visual content helps you to catch your target audiences’ attention in a flash. The reason being it spares them the trouble of having to sift through the vast verses of written material. In their trendy, catchy, versatile, interactive and easily apprehendable formats, vlogs successfully transmit a lot of information within a short duration and, make a lasting impact on today’s viewers.

Unlike blogs, Vlogs provide you the added advantage of taking your visitors on a virtual tour and tell them about your business background, set-up, processes, events, initiatives, success stories etc. In the process, you can engage them and ignite emotions the way you want. All of this enhances legitimacy of your business by many folds and takes your publicity on the social media, to a whole new level. Sometimes, vlogging also surfaces as the only alternative while conducting live coverage of important events or incidents. This is also referred to as “live streaming” and the most popular platform for this is Facebook.

Vlogging is Easy and it Pays Fast

Video blogging is a very promising route for companies, who are looking to get their content viral across all social channels. However, many organizations are still hesitant to adopt this change. Is this because of a latent fear that, creating vlogs might be a very daunting task? This isn’t true at all. Vlogging does not require hefty funding, fancy equipment, tons of other resources and liberty of time. In fact, there is a league of professional service providers, who can help you script, record and publish your vlogs.

Several companies are now adopting a hybrid approach to marketing themselves i.e. alongside their regular blogs, they are airing vlogs with similar content. This is serving a dual objective of attracting a wider audience pool and contributing significantly towards optimizing their website. With a mixed approach, the return on investment stands guaranteed. Market research says websites with video content easily shoot an average conversion rate of 4.8%, in contrast to a meagre 2.9% conversion in sites without video content.

Because of the booming popularity of free video hosting websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc., vlogging is destined to become as ubiquitous as blogging, but in a more fashionable and appealing manner. So, the sooner you become a part of this forward movement, the better it is for your business, to reap benefits in the long run.