Top 5 Trends in Ecommerce App Development

Sep 8, 2017
Ecommerce Mobile App

Mobile apps have become one of the leading ways for companies to interact with their customers. Brands now prefer to engage with their customers using mobile apps. This changing trend has opened new avenues for the eCommerce industry. To keep your brand game strong, you need to change with the changing times and adapt yourself to the evolving trends.

Following are the 5 ecommerce app development trends that consumers prefer to see in your app:

Integration of Virtual Reality

Don’t be surprised if your shopping landscape in the future is dominated with VR avatars. With growing acceptance for this technology, retailers of all shapes and sizes are excited about the possibilities presented by virtual worlds. It is stimulating to think how integrating VR into your eCommerce app can take customer engagement to an all new level. Your buyers will be able to interact with the products they are reviewing for purchase by simply looking into their VR headset. This is the closest one can get to real time shopping experience without ever leaving the comforts of their home!

Quick Consultation Via Chat

Shopping is not a retail therapy in real sense. It can actually get very frustrating for someone who has so many options to choose from and no one to discuss these options with. Imagine giving your patrons a chat feature, right in the app, that can allow them to quick consult their friends or family members before making a purchase. Adding a chat feature into the app can make online shopping experience an inclusive one for the shoppers.

Use of Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets have clearly seen an upsurge in ecommerce space. Industry analysts predict that more Android users and younger customers will switch to mobile wallets as payment option in the coming years. Its popularity can be attributed to convenience and security offered to shoppers and merchants alike. Mobile wallets, when unified into the eCommerce app, can not only simplify the purchasing process, but also protect users and merchants from fraud exposures.

Voice Search Assistant

Ironically, typing has become passé for smartphone users these days. Devices are now equipped with Voice Search assistant such as Siri in Apple. But the experts believe that its underlying technology can have much greater use in eCommerce. Imagine simplifying your customers’ life by allowing them to conduct a voice search as they walk their dog in the park! The voice assistance can also enable sellers to collect reviews and feedbacks from their users to improve services.

Contextual Commerce

This game changing idea will change the face of shopping from want-based to need-based by inserting purchase opportunities in the buyer’s natural environment. Simply put, the buyers will be able to buy anything, anytime, anywhere without doing anything more than just clicking a button. With contextual shopping, the brands will be able to provide a smooth purchasing experience to the buyer in their very own comfort zone.

Mobile eCommerce is definitely geared towards an upward progression as more and more companies hop on to the app bandwagon. However, developing intelligent and intuitive apps is not everyone’s forte. In a competitive scenario such as this, Get Smart Coders has what it takes to develop just the right app for your business. We have a team of efficient experts who work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and culminate it into a fully functional product. If you want to stay ahead in your game, outsource your requirements to us today.