Key Trends in Enterprise App Development

Aug 30, 2017
Enterprise App Development

Enterprise apps are emerging at an exponential rate and have become an essential part of a company’s digital strategy. With the help of enterprise apps, companies have been able to take their dependency off mounds of paperwork and add efficiency into their backend systems.

However, in an ever dynamic technology scene, this is not the end of it. 2017 has brought a lot of changes to the way enterprise app development works. It is now all about improved technologies, easier tools and better development styles. Here are the top 5 development trends to look out for.

Security to Take the Limelight

With the dawn of digital age, cyber-attacks have also become increasingly common. The mobile app developers are now focused on understanding the existing risks and incorporating a strategy to mitigate the threats associated with an app’s security. However, these vulnerabilities are only detectable after the app has been developed. Most apps in their initial runs are susceptible to common exposure issues such as SQL injection, lack of authentication, loss of access control, failed confidentiality etc. Needless to say, these gaps can cause a serious breach. As a result, mobile app security will remain the topmost priority for app developers and will continue to reign supreme in 2017.

Data Management for Quick Decision Making

It has become very challenging for enterprises to manage the volume and speed of data these days. These companies have realized the importance of using helpful data that will allow them to enhance their customer experience and operational delivery. As a result, they have started relying on mobile apps to gain real-time access to this data that allows them to deliver information quickly and efficiently to their customers. At the same time, fast processing of information empowers their employees to make quick and informed decisions. 2017 will see app development focused on data management so that it can be leveraged productively.

Cloud Storage of Data

Global business environment has made it necessary for the information to be available at all times that can be accessed on all devices. The only way an enterprise can provide uniform interface to its users across platforms is by using data storage effectively. This is where cloud storage holds the key to providing easy and immediate access to information over multiple devices anywhere, anytime. In 2017, mobile cloud adoption will be rampant and more cloud-based applications will be developed. In fact, more and more apps will be integrated with cloud storage platforms to offer flexibility and ease-of-access demanded by global business players these days.

Adoption of Hybrid Apps

With the increased smartphone users, the need for enterprise mobile apps has also increased simultaneously. These apps will be able to respond to all kinds of screen sizes and will be functional on all operating systems. Hybrid apps are economical as they reduce the cost of development and also encourage rapid development since they can be created for multiple platforms at the same time. This trend will be huge in 2017 as more and more companies have adopted Bring-Your-Own-Device policy to control their overhead costs.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI has already been heavily incorporated in the world of computing. Thanks to quick adoption to artificial intelligence, more and more enterprises have started relying on its underlying technology for its app development. In 2017, enterprise apps are taking on AI approach to make their applications smarter and beneficial to all the stakeholders.

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