You leave no stones unturned to distill and refine your marketing strategies, yet the bounce rate figures remain high, and at times even threatens to go up further. Having tried every trick in your bag, should you continue experimenting further? If you do, won’t it be like flogging a dead horse.  That’s because we are well into an age where showing matters more than telling. When you do not show your product and get people excited about it, you are just dead in the water.  And the best way to show your story to your prospects is to add an explainer video to your site.

Engage Customers with Fun and Wit

Explainer Video

For instance, a lot of tech talk on the home page would confound visitors and force them to seek an early exit. Yet your product is heavily-tech based and not touching upon the technical aspects would make it impossible to communicate your objective to potential customers. By using an explainer video, you condense your massive techy pitch into a funny, witty, and enjoyable video which people would love to view.  In the process, you succeed in sending the message across.

SaaS company, RankWatch faced a similar problem when it was first launched. They got thousands of visitors each day but only a small percentage signed up for the free trial. The company soon realized that they were falling short of connecting with their prospects and so put on an explainer video on their homepage. The results were amazing — the bounce rate fell from 62% to 35% and there was 27% hike in free trial users.

Brain Science Backs Videos

Whether or not your business is tech-based, having an explainer video on the home page can reverse bounce rates drastically. This fact is supported by science. Brain science says our brains are hardwired to respond to videos – can process visuals 60000 times faster than text — and so can understand 58% more information from video compared to text. What this means is that videos can help your customers understand your business 58% better. And that’s precisely why Dropbox’s homepage features an exclusive explainer video with no other links or messages in between. So those who land on the homepage, have only one thing to do—watch the video, get a clear understanding and remember it for some time to come.

Remember, the use of explainer videos goes well beyond the central role of enhancing conversion rate. When you have one on your home page, chances of your site appearing on the first page of search results increases by 50 times. Also, you can upload it to Wistia along with YouTube, Vimeo and more and bide your chance of striking internet gold.

It’s worth mentioning that the use of explainer videos will just not be limited to websites and marketing collaterals. In the days to come, even news portals will make good use of it just as the Guardian leveraged it to better explain the concept of Bitcoins, the digital currency of the web.

Cisco predicts that, by 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic would be video.  As the internet world prepares itself to get bombarded with videos, the smart entrepreneur in you should prepare your business for it.