We all love to watch videos and so instinctively click the play button when we come across a video content on a web page. If you have set up a new business, you can tap into this all-consuming interest for video content to promote your business and make the most of your marketing efforts. However, creating video content does not come easy, and you’ll often find yourself battling a video-block. To overcome this block, you need to have a clear idea of what kind of videos to create, or for that matter, know how to use videos to connect with your customers.

In this blog, we will talk about how some types of video content can help startups grab visitor attention with examples of how some startups really pulled it off.

Use Video Content For:

Telling Your Story

People will be keen to do business with you, if they feel inspired by your story. And there just can’t be a better way to tell your story than to sit in front of a camera and tell them face-to-face. Tell them who you are, what set you on your mission, and how you have come this far. This will make them feel comfortable and personal and will pull them to your cause with ease.

When Jana Francis needed money to grow her online business, she reached out to mothers with a video story of her struggle. She explained in a very natural way how her failed attempt to find a quality and inexpensive product in retail and online stores, spurred her to build her own website so that mothers could have a great buying experience and go back with high quality merchandise at significant discount. Visitors to her site identified the need to join the online community of shared experiences, and contribute to enrich the shopping experiences of its members. Her video narration connected so well with her prospects that her site Baby Steals became a one stop solution for mothers shopping online.

Showcasing Your Products

Graham Hunt, a real estate agent selling properties in Spain, fought market recession with a creative mind. He was quick to realize that foreigners buy a house in Spain to live their dreams and so made 100 small tip videos about what it was like to live in the country. Each video induced the visitor to view the next one and by the time they finished watching them, they had almost made up their mind of buying a property.

With the help of the videos, Graham managed to create an abiding interest in the place. Each of his videos, showcased the uniqueness of the place in different ways, and impressed visitors about the return on investments. Like Graham, you need to hit upon innovative ideas to create small videos about the benefit of your service and products, and post them regularly for the visitor to discover something new every time they come to your site.

Taking Your Visitor Around

If your company is new to the market, making people trust the quality of your product can be an impossible task. You know your product is great, but how do you make people believe in your product before they actually commit themselves to it. The easiest way to make them believe in your product is by giving them a behind the curtain peek of how standards are met.

That’s the secret behind Vilberg Boot’s success. Shunning the standard celebrity endorsement approach the company tailored an interesting strategy—to release footage of their worker crafting their stuff. Seeing an unfinished boot take final shape before their eyes was such a fulfilling experience for customers that they felt compelled to buy. Likewise jeans brand Naked & Famous created captivating videos on the construction and history of their “raw” denim jeans to penetrate saturated markets.

Video is undoubtedly the next king. But to make the most of it, you need to get innovative with your ideas and campaign strategy.