Our Engagement Model

We Build Products With You

We stay in touch with you throughout the course of the project so that we can work together as a team. This helps us strengthen our shared vision and work together towards meeting our common goals.

Customized Pricing

We do not allow price to come in the way of quality of work. We provide you a quote that balances your needs with our efforts. You get the premium service needed for a quality product.

Fixed Budget

We prefer a fixed budget pricing when your requirements are unique and complex. However, we keep the doors ajar for agreement. This way we ensure good work takes precedence over money matters.

Time & Material

If your requirement is flexible, you can pay for the hours our team invest and not the project in whole. Even with this model you get total control over the deliverables.

Remote Team

We help you create the right team to meet your requirements. You own and manage your team till your project gets over. In between we help you scale your team up or down as per your needs.