Big Data Analytics Services Help Businesses Make Informed Decision
Hire Big Data architects from SmartCoders that design, develop, and implement data lakes to analyze information and derive actionable insights for making informed decisions that propel businesses to excellence.

Work With SmartCoders and Reap the Benefits of Big Data

When you Hire Big Data architects from SmartCoders, you get a team with over 8 years of experience in helping businesses leverage big data, allowing them to make informed decisions. We provide comprehensive Big Data analytics services, from initial consultation to data lake design and implementation. Our Big Data architects have a vast array of expertise:

  • Developing analytical programs used to establish key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Augmenting data lake designs with distributed file systems and data processing tools.
  • Separating unorganized and unmanaged data to simplify the analytical process.
  • Developing comprehensive strategies for data collection and analysis.
  • Leveraging a multi-tier process for cleansing, preparing, and analyzing data.
  • Creating Big Data ecosystems encompassing pipelines, lake types, and data integration mechanisms.

Hire Big Data Architects For Transformative Decision-Making

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Hire Big Data architects and transform your business today!

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Our Big Data Analytics Services Process

At SmartCoders, we cater to all your data-related needs, whether an initial consultation or a project to develop a full-fledged solution. Our Big Data architects follow a multi-step process to ensure excellence, allowing us to deliver the desired results.
  • step1
    Initial consultation
  • step2
    Designing and building data infrastructure
  • step3
    Creating data repositories and matching internal sources
  • step4
    Optimizing the data ecosystem
  • step5
    Performing advanced analytics on pooled data
  • step6
    Project Delivery
  • step7
    Collecting and incorporating feedback

Take A Look At Our Work

Our Big Data architects created a database for a client so they could use Harmonized System (HS) code in real-time
  • Leveraged .NET and MySQL frameworks to develop a robust database, leading to consistent performance with each query.
  • Integrated a custom dictionary feature to ensure user-friendliness, improving usability and efficiency.
  • Implemented advanced filter options, leading to a maximum amount of information being retrieved when search queries were initiated.
  • Helped the client reduce errors and streamline inventory management for greater efficiency.

Hire Big Data Architects Leveraging Big Data Trends

At SmartCoders, employee training and development are paramount. We ensure that all our Big Data architects have skills and expertise at par with industry standards and are well aware of current trends. Our Big Data architects are capable of incorporating such trends, providing you with unparalleled solutions.

SmartCoders Big Data Analytics Services

Specialized professionals at SmartCoders have helped businesses achieve excellence for over 10 years. We provide a wide array of innovative Big Data analytics services, empowering businesses with comprehensive and actionable insights that allow them to make informed decisions. Hire our Big Data architects and experience data collection, storage, and analysis like never before.
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SmartCoders' video analytics team is a strategic asset. Their solutions have significantly enhanced our operations.
- Michael Carter
Director of Traffic Management, North American City
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Discover the Transformative Power of Big Data with SmartCoders

We provide you with the opportunity to hire big data architects who are adept at tackling complex data challenges.

  • Data Quality We ensure data quality by implementing effective cleansing, processing, and governance protocols.
  • Data Security We encrypt at-risk and in-transit data and eliminate the possibility of it being acquired by unauthorized individuals.
  • Organizational Resistance We overcome organizational resistance by facilitating executives with initial consultation sessions.
  • Immense Volume We develop dynamic data storage solutions such as data lakes and lakehouses, providing ample space for data storage.
  • Multiple Formats We create advanced data processing technologies for managing unstructured data in varying formats.