The IT industryis a dynamic one, with new technologies making their forays with amazing speed. This makes it necessary for developers to constantly upgrade their knowledge and skillset so that they stay relevant. Let’s take a look at the skills developers will need to master for 2019:


This technology will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the next-gen construction on the internet. It has already disrupted online financial transactions to a good extent, and will continue to induce further innovation. When you look at the ICOs in place at the present and those that are planned, it is especially evident that this technology will dynamically develop for years to come.

Block technology will embrace enterprises that invest in tools that aid in the implementation of databases based on blockchain. With cryptographic algorithm coding, it will be possible to create software with which distributed and decentralized databases can be developed. Developers proficient in C++, JavaScript, Python, and so on, will certainly be in much demand.

We can assume that several traditional enterprises will need to undergo radical transformation – else, they could be replaced by companies ready to do so.


As you would have guessed Fintech is the marriage of Finance and Technology. Technological innovations have permeated the Financial services industry to bring about vast improvements, especially where speed, accuracy, and security are concerned. Already technology is playing a major role in processes like loan and mortgage approvals, credit card approvals, e-wallets, currency exchange, and of course, online payment. Experts predict that this year, the proliferation of technological innovation will be even greater, and more companies will get into the business of creating fintech.

The growth of new technologies and emergence of solutions like virtual financial consultants or advisors will increase the demand for programmers who are able to create innovative products similar to these, in this fast growing market.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML are of course, nothing new – but as the practical applications of these technologies keep growing, the demand for developers with expertise in these fields is bound to increase.

Machine learning is an application of AI which involves the system ‘learning’ from data that has already been collected; it can be configured to detect patterns, deviations, and more, and make predictions or recommendations. It is most commonly used in chatbots,  face and speech recognition, and so on.

Though not very new, it’s still a nascent field – and pretty complex as well. Finding expert programmers in this field is not very easy. This particular specialization involves in-depth mathematical knowledge and ability – and that makes it difficult. Linear algebra, statistics, probability, numerical methods, and libraries like NumPy: developers need to be competent with these. Additionally, expertise in Python or R is also required.

Financial services, supply-chain, communication and new technologies are the industries that have the highest demand for AI.

Problem-solving skills

Expertise in emergent technologies is undoubtedly crucial for a programmer; however, it is even more important that they are able to resolve the problems quickly, thereby completing the assigned tasks with greater efficiency. The HackerRank Portal’s report suggests that problem solving ability is the most desired skill in a developer from an employer’s perspective – a whopping 95% of the employers responded in this fashion.

This is actually not surprising, because problem solving is an inextricable part of the daily work of a programmer. A developer with exemplary problem solving abilities will be able to quickly fill in the gaps in the knowledge of a specific technology or programming language. They most important element in IT is identification of a problem and understanding it well. Only then can it be broken down into smaller tasks, enabling the completion of the maximum number of tasks – eventually helping the programmer to accomplish massive tasks efficiently.

We saw how technologies like blockchain and AI are revolutionizing the IT market continuously. What this portends for developers is that they will have to face increasingly complex challenges and tasks – many of them which they have never encountered previously.

Employers have also emphasized that programming language knowledge is not the sole requirement for developers. It is vital that they are aware of the latest trends, and know which solutions will meet their expectations; to think creatively and innovate, to be able to create bespoke solutions. Developing solutions to enhance the efficiency and overall quality of an existing piece of software, and providing a delightful UX would be certainly impossible without problem solving skills.

To Sum Up

The electric developments in the IT industry are only going to increase ever more in the near future. Expertise with innovative technologies, being abreast of trends and becoming familiar with them will be increasingly in demand in a developer. We strongly feel that the most important requirement in 2019 is likely to be the ability to understand the needs of the customers both current and potential – and to tailor software to that need.