As an associate member of Canadian Society of Customs Brokers, CSCB, we decided to simplify and standardize the process of levying tax on traded products with the help of a tool. The tool would enable custom brokers have a real-time lookup of the right Harmonized System (HS) codes and avoid errors and oversights that could lead to penalties. So, we designed Torrif, a HS lookup tool to effectively manage the codes.

Challenges We Faced

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We were faced with the development of a tool that would track HS codes in real time. The integration of features that would guide the user to ensure that the right HS code was assigned to an item on every attempt and the development of a database to support such levels of efficiency were the biggest challenges that we faced.

What We Rolled In

System Database Design

We leveraged the .NET and MySQL framework to design a robust database that would perform consistently with every query. We optimized it to handle any volumes of shipment seamlessly. The system was augmented with automated data backup systems to provide round the clock support with minimal maintenance down times.

Development of Dictionary Feature and Synonyms

In order to make the tool incredibly user-friendly, we integrated a custom dictionary feature into the tool. Users could key in normally used vocabulary into the tool and it would interpret the item by coming up with the exact HS code for it. The system was also designed to record a complete history of previous searches and HS code selection for validation by expert raters.

Filters and Search History Integration

We incorporated advanced search filter options that enabled users to get maximum information about an item when it was searched up in the tool. The front end of the tool was optimized to search for items based on the chances of a user selecting a class of an item based on past user behavior.

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Here’s What Our Client Had to Say

“We have managed to significantly reduce errors linked with the assignment of HS codes to items in the warehouse. Toriff’s easy to use features has helped us streamline our inventory management for better efficiency”