The client was looking for an online document management solution for their client. The solution had to facilitate online editing and help in monitoring, tracking and managing the documents. Also, it had to simplify the process of assembling documents in order to reduce inefficiencies.

Challenges We Faced

Developing an online editing solution has its own set of challenges. These include the problem of non-identical document display in various browsers, the issue of low-speed with multi-page documents, improper pagination, incorrect fonts after printing etc. Overcoming each of these issues was important to deliver a robust solution. Additionally, inserting keywords and contents dynamically in the online word document was another challenging requirement.

What We Rolled In

Document Creation and Management

We equipped the solution with feature that would convert files to HTML format to make working in a browser possible. The editing feature was enabled by the means of an open source editor. Our solution included a master document generation feature which the client would be able to use for multiple clients. We incorporated functionality that allows users to specify the location on the document where specific content has to be replaced.

Document Tracking

We integrated the option for users to track the progress of a document by specifying the key to do so at any given point in time. The system was designed to allow the client to manage all documents according to departments. We created categorization features that would give the client a superior document management experience.

Database and Systems Development

We used the sturdy nature of the ASP.NET MVC framework to create a system that was capable of handling heavy data loads. We leveraged SQL server to build a high performance online solution for ensuring consistency in performance. We developed the GUI using Jquery to provide the users with a dynamic and responsive online experience.

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Here’s What Our Client Had to Say

“We needed a solution that would reduce the workload of our customers in filing case related information on documents. By enabling the superfast production of customized documents, GSC has given us a state-of-the-art document management system that makes it super easy for our customers and us to maintain and manage documents.”