Inspired by an innovative idea, a Hong Kong based client approached us to develop an e-Learning app that would make face-to-face learning through apps a possibility. Our task was cut out – make one-to-one learning through apps engaging and effortless. As different users look for different results in an iOS app, we aimed to standardize the outcomes, with desired functionality and design and so that users can focus on doing one thing and doing it well i.e. learning in the best possible way.

What We Rolled In

iOS App design by GetSmartCoders

Highly Intuitive Design

We pulled off a design that took advantage of how users use their phones i.e. to communicate in the way that works best for them – phone calls, instant messages, voice messages. At the same time, we took care, not to overwhelm them with features. This simplified multi-tasking and made it easy for them to connect instantly

Quality Interactive Features

In our attempt to make learning an enjoyable experience, we integrated CometChat within the app. This facilitated real-time audio, video, and chat ability between teachers and students. Our next focus was on quality. For this, we leveraged the best video compression protocols. This ramped up the video quality levels with minimal buffering whatsoever.

iOS App Development by GetSmartCoders

Integrate Value Added Learning Features

We integrated features that would make the going easy for a learner. Some these included a repository of vocabulary acquisition for both beginner and advanced level, listening exercises to enable effective speech comprehension, a feature to check the right pronunciation etc. In addition to these, we gamified the app to a certain extent in order to keep users motivated.

Here’s What Our Client Had to Say

“We wanted our app to leverage the advantage of live tutoring i.e. explains words and breaks down pronunciation at a very personal level. GetSmartCoders brought real life learning practice to the phone in a brilliant fashion – just as we had envisaged”

Technology Stack


Core Data, SQLite, PList, Realm, Userdefaults


HTTP, Rest API, NSUrlSession, Alamofire

Crash tracking system

Crashlytics, TestFlight, Firebase, HockeyApp, XCode


Facebook SDK, Google SDK

Coding Tools