One of our clients, a health retail chain operating from major airports in Australia and South East Asia, wanted to get their sales POS data, generated from diverse locations, integrated into one common report. They approached us for a solution that would integrate all their POS into one and enable them gain comprehensive visibility over every day sales.

Challenges We Faced

Needless to say, our biggest challenge lay in tightly integrating the scattered POS systems. Next, we had to build a way to port the data from the integrated POS application to the report generating application. We also had to carry thorough compatibility and integration testing, because with each system working in isolation, there was a need to have a setup that addressed various issues such as connectivity, configuration settings, upgrades etc.

What We Rolled In

Standardize Data Format

We made a careful analysis of the data and its structure in the POS system. After that, we coordinated with the POS system vendor to convert the data generated by the system into text format and create a secure server location for the data in the server. This ensured proper data alignment across diverse POS and seamless data reconciliation thereby making way for single, consistent, and accurate version of data.

Develop an Intermediary Application

Since the POS systems and report generation were hosted on two different application, we built an intermediator application to link the two. The intermediary application facilitated syncing data from POS application with the report generating application. Built on .NET platform, this application is able to log into the secure SFTP server, access the saved data.

Modify and Compute

The application was designed to carry out all the necessary data format modifications like inserting the sales transaction details into multiple tables, and computing the overall sales. The client’s reports system reads the data from here and displays the sales transaction details. Additionally the application saves sales transaction details in the client’s database.

POS Sales Data Reports

Here’s What Our Client Had to Say

“Getsmartcoders helped us consolidate and maintain reports in a more organized way. This reduced our time & effort significantly. Thanks to them for helping us eliminate confusion that arose out of report collation.”