Our client, a successful UAE-based enterprise approached us with a highly innovative idea for shooting wedding photographs with a timer app. The app would be used to control a 65-inch dual screen setup to allow the guests to gather in front of it to take selfie pictures. This web app would consist of two parts, the trigger app to initiate a timer and the responder app to click pictures.

Challenges We Faced


We faced 2 upfront challenges in developing this app. The first was developing the app with inbuilt image enhancement features consisting of image filters, crop features etc. which could be applied to photos. The second was to queue the photos up for continuous status updates. Getting the trigger app and the responder web app to work seamlessly with each other and providing compatibility with iOS8 and Android 3.0+ higher were the other big challenges. We also had to incorporate an in-app payment option to accommodate additional photo enhancement feature which was chargeable.

What We Rolled In

Mobile Camera Control

The app was designed to allow users to control the camera of the dual screen set up with an inbuilt trigger. We incorporated all the requisite image enhancement features into the trigger app to make sure the photo could be enhanced as desired. We also ensured easy download to Android and iOS devices by syncing the app with a QR code.

Photo Queue Management

We integrated an effective queue management system into the app to give users real-time updates on the number of wedding guests waiting in queue. We also equipped the trigger app with a sound alarm based notification system that displayed the estimated time before the system was ready to take new photographs.

Photo Viewing and Downloading

We built a photo management system that was as robust as the multifaceted features of the trigger app. The app could store user profiles along with basic details and profile pictures. Users could store all the photographs taken by a user profile and display them on social media seamlessly. We leveraged PHP, Visual Studio and Swift to provide both iPhone and Android device users a rich contextual user experience. We used MySQL and .NET to build a robust database management system to handle the data loads of all images and their enhancements.


Here’s What Our Client Had to Say

“Getsmartcoders have built a superb app. The performance of the app in terms of timeliness and richness is remarkable. We are happy with the in-app image enhancement features of the application”