Our client, a leading entrepreneur from Saudi Arabia planned to develop a cross-platform smartphone app to monitor blood pressure levels. The app had to interface with a blood pressure monitoring device and track readings and store them for a long period of time. Most importantly, the app had to be user-friendly to accommodate a wide demographic of users. The client choose us because of our experience in developing healthcare apps.

Challenges We Faced

Designing a user interface that was beneficial to both passengers and the drivers was one of the biggest challenges with the development process. The app also had to prioritize cab drivers based on the nearest available driver. We had to develop ‘on the go’ fare calculation as well as predictive features for determining the best travel route.

What We Rolled In

User-Friendly Design

We first focused on designing an app keeping the elderly in mind. We paid special attention to the font size, color, and button size. To increase user engagement, we also kept the interface to bare minimum. Before release of the application, we made it a point to test it with older audience first.

BP monitoring mobile app development

Integration of BP Monitoring Device

After conducting an extensive research into BP monitoring devices, we chose Omron as the device with which to integrate the app. We integrated the app with the device is such a way that users were able to record and retrieve readings with single tap gestures.

BP monitoring mobile app development service company

Hardware and Battery Optimization

We optimized the app thoroughly to reduce the battery consumption of the BP monitoring device. We were able to deliver this high level of battery life efficiency across all mobile platforms.

BP monitoring iOS app development

Here’s What Our Client Had to Say

“We are extremely happy with the results of the app. Getsmartcoders has done a good job of integrating the app with the BP monitoring device. The app is now used by a wide range of users, which was our vision precisely”

Technology Stack


Mongo DB, My SQL


Google map, PayPal, Google Analytics, SMS Gateway, Twilio

Crash tracking system



Facebook SDK, Google SDK


PHP, Node js