The client approached us for the development of a powerful video editing app with a wide variety of editing tools. The app would help Android and iPhone users merge and edit videos to create professional looking clips on their devices. The client wanted to provide users would a wide variety of editing features like video filters, effects, video volume adjustment and more.

Challenges We Faced

pload and download video files from Amazon S3

Our biggest challenge was to enable the user to upload and download video files from Amazon S3. The deployment of cloud services, providing native video editing functionality on all mobile platforms and the integration of video effects were the other big challenges that we had to overcome. We also had to make the app user-friendly and intuitive by lending it rich UI features.

What We Rolled In

Video Editing Tool Development

We created a wide array of editing tools ranging from merge and trim to effects like slow motion, fade in to filter effects like Sepia and Vintage. We leveraged PHP to develop and deploy these tools and the MySOL framework to make it a high-performance package. Besides, we incorporated lot many functionalities including the adding of background music without the slightest compromise on the usability of the app.

Facilitating Collaboration

Every user was able to create custom projects and add designated users into the project. All the users that are a part of a project were able to import files and collaborate on the project systematically. The collaborative features allowed users to get more creative and create high-quality final video clips.

Cloud Integration and Native Functionality

Users were able to upload and download their video files onto their profile in the app. We successfully integrated Amazon S3 web services into the app, allowing users to save and organize finished videos from the original ones We tested and optimized our Java and Swift back-end codes to provide users with native editing functionality.

Video Editing Tool Development

Here’s What Our Client Had to Say

“Getsmartcoders have managed to show us clearly why they were the right choice for us with this project. The sheer number of tools and effects that are included in the app are impressive. The app is truly collaborative, fast and easy to use”