The client was a UK based computer programming and IT consultancy startup. They approached us with an innovative idea for an app that leveraged iBeacon technology to help iPhone users find a parking spot. The app would use location-specific beacon technology to inform users of the availability of a parking spot.

Challenges We Faced

The app had to interface with a beacon strategically placed near parking spots. As the user came into close proximity to the beacon, it had to send out notifications. Configuring the app to sync with the beacon while ensuring that it notifies users of the parking spot was the biggest challenge that we faced on the project. The other big challenge was to ensure a hassle-free user experience

What we Rolled in

Bluetooth Connectivity with iBeacons

We built the app to establish connectivity with the ibeacon when the user’s iPhone came within a 10 feet radius of the hardware. The app would send a notification to the user upon successful sync with the ibeacon.

In-App Parking Views

The app comprised of in-app features such as the ability to view the parking location, from within the app. The app was also enabled to provide users with views like parking history, which helped them have a detailed idea of vehicle parking.

Hardware Configuration

We built the app to sync with the ibeacon, even when the Bluetooth on the user iPhone was turned off. We achieved this by integrating a pre-configured geo-fencing program that prompted the user to turn on Bluetooth on their device when parking spots were available.

Here’s What Our Client Had to Say

‘’The parking app made by GSC is one of the most innovative ideas that we have come across in a long time as a technology organization. Although the functionality of the app is simple, there are complex tasks running the background on user devices. The app work flawlessly in the real world and we couldn’t be happier about its effectiveness’’