A leading storage unit provider in the US approached us for a solution to control and manage padlocks of their storage units remotely. The objective was to overlock customer access in case of customer payment defaults and obviate the need to send customer service personnel to the storage location to unlock the units.

What We Rolled In

Implementing a Padlock system
Implementing a Padlock system

We designed a web application which enabled the client override a customer’s access to their storage unit. The remote access feature eliminated the need for the company personnel to reach the facility to unlock the storage unit, especially after business hours. This gave the client a greater degree of control over their storage facility.

Developing a Unified Solution

We also developed the Paas Web application to enable the client handle customer billing, facility and invoice management. To provide additional controls we equipped the application with call center interface, audit logging, multi-tenant architecture etc. This helped in easy customer on-boarding and application maintenance.

Developing a Unified Solution
Using Efficient Web Technologies
Using Efficient Web Technologies

The web application was hosted on an SQL database to provide robust levels of security. We used ‘Smarty 2.0’a high-performance component-based PHP framework to develop the core architecture of the web application thus ensuring easy scalability. We also incorporated Freshbooks 2.0 into the web app to handle the billing and invoicing needs of the client.

Here’s What Our Client Had to Say

“The app helped us manage the business more conveniently than ever before. We are happy with the improved padlock system that lets us control our storage units without the need to open the locks manually at the facility. Getsmartcoders gave us a great solution in a very short span of time as well”

Technology Stack


SQLite, My SQL



Crash tracking system

Fabric (Crashlytics)


Facebook SDK


PHP, Smarty 2.0