The client is a leading provider of mobility services and was looking for a Taxicab app. They wanted a cross-platform solution that would work on all major smartphone platforms, mainly Android and iOS. The objective of the app was to enable faster and efficient cab hiring with better transparency to help users overcome the challenges associated with manual cab hiring.

Challenges We Faced

Designing a user interface that was beneficial to both passengers and the drivers was one of the biggest challenges with the development process. The app also had to prioritize cab drivers based on the nearest available driver. We had to develop ‘on the go’ fare calculation as well as predictive features for determining the best travel route.

What We Rolled In

Cross Platform Design

We designed the app on a robust Javascript based foundation. We used JSON (JavaScript Object Notation format) to develop the user interface and the back-end architecture of the app to ensure that it runs efficiently on different mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

Ticket based Query Resolution

Diversity in Functionality

We integrated a wide range of advanced functionalities in the app to improve front-end user convenience. The user interface gave customers helpful information like the distance to the nearest cab driver, destination details on the map and automatically calculated cab charges. We also introduced a variety of payment options, including card payments, Paypal and cash.

Integration of Intuitive Features

We created in app menus that enabled users to choose from a selection of cars for their journey, based on the size of the car, type etc. Customers could use GPS technology to identify the best routes, closest cab distance etc. We equipped the app with advanced booking options such as ability to prepone and postpone journey timings, multiple booking from the same device, automatic refund for prepaid bookings, bill generation and a feedback system.

taxi mobile app development

Here’s What Our Client Had to Say

“Getsmartcoders has given us an all-inclusive solution with the taxi booking app. It helped us reach out to millions of potential customers and at the same time enabled us get a good footing in a competitive market. ”

Technology Stack


Mongo DB, My SQL


Google map, PayPal, Google Analytics, SMS Gateway, Twilio

Crash tracking system



Facebook SDK, Google SDK


PHP, Node js