Bank on an Experienced Cloud Computing Service Provider to Address Your Migration Challenges

The one aspect that is common to all cloud migration undertakings is unexpected challenges. They often come as sudden nasty surprises, and it is the failure to deal with them effectivelythat makes enterprises fall short of realizing the complete benefits of the distributed data environment.

Given that surprises are inevitable during a migration process, it always pays to have atechnology partner with vast experience in dealing with cloud migration challenges. We at getSmartcoders leverage our experience to come up with creative solutions to take on every unforeseen challenge that comesin the way of a seamless transition to the Cloud. This coupled with our certifications and standards, technologies and service roadmaps, data security policies and end-to-end post-migration support,helps us stand out from the rest of the cloud computing service providers out there.

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GetSmartCoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

Cloud Computing Services

getSmartcoders, a pioneer in cloud computing consulting, has wide experience in helping its clients leverage the sophisticated abilities of the cloud to their optimum advantage. We provide a host of cloud computing services that help us differentiate ourselves from other cloud computing providers.

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Our Cloud Computing Implementation Process

Ranked among the most elite cloud computing service providers, getSmartcoders has a well-defined process in place to ensure that all our cloud computing solutions are properly designed, implemented, and deployed. This process consists of 6 key stages which include:

01 Cloud Readiness

To begin with, our cloud implementation team conducts a detailed analysis of your existing IT infrastructure to determine where exactly you need help. We then design a roadmap to outline the key areas that need to be addressed and how to effectively execute your project.

02 Development of
Cloud Strategy
Development of Cloud Strategy

Our development team works with you to develop a cloud strategy that works best for your organization. The database architecture is developed and key milestones are established to evaluate all the progress that is made to ensure that our team is on track and on budget.

03 Cloud Application
cloud application Development

At this stage of the process, all the necessary applications that are critical to the cloud ecosystem and infrastructure are developed by our experts. They are then tested for quality assurance purposes. Post development, these applications are integrated into the cloud-based ecosystem.

04 Testing &
Testing Evaluation

Once integrated, the various components of the cloud ecosystem and IT infrastructure are thoroughly tested by our professionals for performance bottlenecks and other issues that may affect its proper functioning. Systemic debugging is carried out at this stage as well.

05 Cloud
cloud migration

This stage of the cloud computing implementation process calls for the migration of proprietary platforms and data sets into the cloud. By hosting your data and business applications in the cloud, you can rest assured that you always have access to your data, wherever you may be.

06 Backup &
Monitoring & Maintenance

Our cloud services development team then sets about backing up all your data, application stacks, and directories in the cloud,should a loss occur. We also set up systems that allow for complete data recovery, such as in case of data corruption, fires, or natural disasters.

Government & Public Sector

Industries We Serve

Industries far and wide have been using our mobile application development services for years now. This is because we assist them in promoting their brand in unconventional new ways and provide a user experience that simply cannot be beat. Moreover, we help them reach a larger target audience with visually appealing, dynamic, powerful, and user-friendly apps that they love using day in and day out.

Education &
Retail & E-Commerce
Media &
Finance & Banking
Food & Drink
Transportation &
Real Estate

We Leverage

  • Virtualization
  • Service-Oriented
    Architecture (SOA)
  • Grid Computing
  • Utility Computing

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing has enabled businesses the world over to achieve greater collaboration, customer service, and engagement. Our clients can take advantage of automatic software updates, enhanced data security, cutting-edge disaster recovery, and greater integration when looking for top-tier cloud services. Here are just a few benefits that getSmartcoders offers:

Capital Costs

We help your business loweryour capital expenses by relying on our IT infrastructure rather than buildingyour own. The upfront capital costs of computers, office space, and payroll for new hires can be completely avoided as we take over yourresponsibilities.


Our cloud computing solution closely monitors threats and challenges so that you don't have to worry about any security related issues. We help you avoid problems that come with outdated equipment and other IT issues with our cutting-edge technology capabilities.


It's important for your business to adapt to market fluctuationsin order to stay competitive. Our cloud computing solutions allow you to invest in additional services and scale up at a moment's notice. Likewise, we help you scale down seamlessly as well.


We help you effectively eliminate any downtime in your business operations by ensuring easy access to data and processesstored in the cloud. Thus, we help you avoid aloss in productivity and, in the process, keep any lost revenueon your part in check as well.


Our Existing Clients

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Dynamic Real-World Cloud Computing Solutions We Have Implemented for Our Clients

Our Cloud Computing Services Hiring Models

Our cloud computing implementation teams are highly competent in devising smart solutions for our clients. Our professionalspossess excellent cloud computing skills and keep themselves abreast of the latest marketing trends to give you only the most cutting-edge solutions for all your cloud computing needs. Our teams are available to work on your projects in varying capacities that include:

Part time

Full time


Blogs: Explore Cloud Computing Through Our Lens

Our blog contains the latest news, trends, events, figures, forecasts, and technologies impacting the cloud computing industry today. Pore through our blogs if you are looking to take away critical insights about the threats and opportunities that lie ahead.

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