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Leverage our Experience to Unlock the Limitless Potential Of Cloud Computing

Getsmartcoders has nearly 8 years of experience in the creation and implementation of a wide variety of cloud computing strategy for enterprises. Our cloud computing services are designed to offer you, greater flexibility and economy in the management and maintenance of your entire IT infrastructure. We take charge of managing the bulk of your business data by providing your employees seamless access to the data, irrespective of the physical location. As a global cloud computing services company, we have revolutionized the business operations of our clients, ensuring they spend less time in managing existing technology and more on enhancing the overall performance of their business.

From cloud migration to integration, data management and analytics, we have diverse expertise in identifying the right services for your business needs. Our proficiency in meeting diverse cloud computing needs make us the ideal cloud computing provider for your organization. Outsource cloud computing services to us to make the most of our diverse exposure and proven track record.

Our Comprehensive Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure Development and Management

We build and manage all your IT services and organizational data after setting up a multi-tenant cloud environment. Our cloud infrastructure development services include data centre design and detailed planning to host multiple applications. By leveraging our cloud infrastructure services you can configure your own IT infrastructure complete with processing, storage and networking resources.

Cloud Computing Application Development

We build bespoke cloud-centric apps and customized runtime environments and database structures to run them. We prepare you for the cloud after which we work towards adapting your legacy applications to run on the cloud. We provide application development services on cloud using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine.

Data Migration

Our data migration services help you move, on-premise applications to the cloud successfully. We help you rehost a wide variety of enterprise applications aboard multiple cloud platforms. This includes integrating third-party services and resources with cloud functionality. Besides ensuring efficient data transfer, we also ensure complete data integrity and secure data transfer.

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

Our cloud strategy and consulting services is designed to facilitate easy cloud adoptions. We help you determine the viability of cloud computing, and identify the benefits that could be gained by moving to the cloud. After establishing the benefits and preparedness, we assist you in building a migration road map to realize the foreseen benefits. While preparing you for the big shift, we also make sure that we do not exceed the budget or time limits..

Cloud Backup and Hosting Services

Our backup services is designed to provide ready access to critical information in the event of a system-impacting event or disaster. Our hosting services eliminates the need for dedicated backup infrastructure and skills, thereby minimizing operational costs and risks. We use high-performance platforms like Heroku and VMware modules to host cloud services. We also provide 24x7 technical support via telephone, online chat and email.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services have revolutionized the way businesses handle their IT operations. With the implementation of the cloud for enterprise use, organizations can access their entire array of business applications using the internet from any location in the world. This has helped businesses achieve greater collaboration, engagement and customer service levels. Cloud computing applications has changed the face of businesses, transforming them into well-connected entities that harnesses the power of data transfer to gain a competitive edge. With cloud services, businesses are also able to take advantages of some of the salient features of cloud services such as enhanced data security, automatic software updates, greater integration and cutting edge disaster recovery solutions.

Technologies We Use for Cloud Computing Solutions

We have partnered with all major enterprise cloud solution providers to outfit businesses with a range of services. We use Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Windows SharePoint and the latest fleet of software suites from SAP and Oracle to implement cloud services. We also use a wide variety of web hosting platforms such as Microsoft Azure and AWS to create highly scalable and high performance cloud-based ecosystems for enterprises. We also craft bespoke, cloud-ready enterprise applications using platforms such as Heroku, Enstratius, Cloud Hub, Kinvey and Informatica Cloud.

Our Cloud Computing Implementation Process

We conduct a detailed analysis of the existing IT infrastructure of the client. A roadmap is created for the implementation of cloud services for specific business processes

Cloud Readiness Assessment

The database architecture and functionality of dependent applications are developed. Milestones are deployed to evaluate the progress of development and implementation

Development of Cloud Strategy

In this stage, all applications that are integral to the cloud ecosystem are developed and tested. After development, the applications are integrated with the cloud based ecosystem

Cloud Application Development

Components of the implementation are thoroughly tested for performance bottlenecks. We use a systematic debugging and issues reporting process to resolve all issues related to performance

Cloud Services Testing and evaluation

All data sets and services that are hosted on proprietary platforms are moved to the cloud. Log in credentials are given to personnel as per organizational needs

Cloud Migration

Components of the implementation are thoroughly tested for performance bottlenecks. We use a systematic debugging and issues reporting process to resolve all issues related to performance

Cloud Services Testing and evaluation

Know Our Cloud Computing Team

We are made up of a team of cloud programmers engineers and database architects. Our team has extensive in-house cloud and virtualization expertise which enables us to implement simple to complex cloud ecosystems. Our team of experts are cloud security professionals who are CCP and CCSP certified They are AWS and Microsoft Azure certified as well which allows us to undertake multi-cloud deployments for enterprises. We have been able to match the growing demand of businesses for machine learning tools with cloud support with our expertise with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Another key aspect of our cloud services is automation. We help you integrate it organically into your business processes. Our world-class services as a premier cloud computing services company has helped many business organizations bring down operational costs associated with cloud services.

Why Outsource Cloud Computing Services to GetSmartCoders?

  • A dedicated team of 1000+ programmers, cloud implementation experts and database administrators
  • Dedicated data centers, network infrastructure and well established practices to meet security requirements
  • Proficiency with all mainstream cloud platforms like Heroku, Enstratius, Cloud Hub and Kinvey
  • Cloud services are hosted using world class service platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft dynamics, SAP and Oracle cloud services
  • Flexible services that allow client to choose the right level of isolation for enterprise applications
  • Expertise in programming languages such as C++,C#, Python, Java and Objective C to build custom enterprise grade desktop and mobile cloud applications
  • Secure, scalable and flexible services with robust data backup
  • Comprehensive data migration services to enable organizations to move to the cloud seamlessly
  • Guaranteed improvement in time to market and customer experience

Looking for a global Cloud computing services company to help you realize the immense potential of cloud computing for enterprises? Outsource Cloud Computing Services to us for excellence in cloud services deployment and cloud application development