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Leverage Our Specialized Amazon Cloud Computing Services to Make Your Business Cloud-ready

Getsmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in empowering business organizations with innovative IT services. We are experts in AWS cloud automation, applications deployment, server load balancing and app monitoring. Our extensive knowledge in AWS cloud computing has helped many enterprises create secure, reliable, and affordable platform in the cloud. As a global Amazon web services company, we equip your business with the database storage capacity and the prolific content delivery platforms of Amazon Cloud Services

We leverage AWS to provide a comprehensive suite of services to enterprises. Our team of professionals, trained to deploy integrated cloud automation ecosystem, specialize in a host of Amazon cloud computing services such as AWS web development, AWS Migration, AWS Cloud Management, consultation services etc. Our clients prefer to outsource AWS cloud computing to us because of our extensive knowledge and proven track record.

Our End-to-End Amazon Web Services

Managed Services

Our managed services comprise of application configuration and deployment duties. Once we have moved your business data and applications aboard the Amazon platform, we assist you with data backup, disaster recovery, application performance monitoring and the resolution of other AWS related incidents. As a premium Amazon web services company, we take up the heavy task of infrastructure operations so that you can focus more on differentiating your business.

Consulting Services

From the selection of the technology stack to the planning of resource usage and technology optimization, we provide you with a well-rounded Amazon Web Services consulting service. Our services are exactly what you need in order to leverage the potential of Amazon web services for your organization. We help you create a roadmap and establish milestones to complete your transformation into a cloud-enabled organization in a cost-effective manner.

Operations and Reporting Services

We generate monthly and quarterly reports including customer scorecards, to successfully document the performance metrics of all the departments of your organization. We use our knowledge of front and backend technologies like Angularjs, MySql and.Net to create and store applications that give visibility to all your business activities. Our reporting services keep you updated on the performance of the entire cloud platform as well as the efficiency of your business tasks.

Amazon Web and Cloud Management Services

We build robust cloud applications and websites that are responsive to your business needs. We make use of both EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) services to develop agile solutions. With our services you can make existing Internet technologies to adapt to the new set of highly scalable solutions that Amazon offers through their web services.

Application Support and Data Migration

As a pioneering Amazon web services company, we have the expertise to move your data from an in-house configuration to the Amazon cloud with complete data security assurance. We follow a systematic approach to business data and applications migration. Our migration support services include assessing migration readiness, executing migration and even providing pre-migration and post migration support. We execute migration of application database without disrupting your BAU tasks.

Transform for your Business with the Immense Potential of Amazon Web Services

Amazon web services has empowered businesses with its paradigm-altering features. Organizations are now able to host applications on the cloud at a fraction of the cost of running them on site. AWS development has helped businesses reduce their IT costs by eliminating their needs to invest in server purchase and maintenance. Most importantly, it has revolutionized the way companies perceive cloud computing. With AWS, businesses are able to mount their operations on a platform that allows for the hand-in-hand management of vital aspects of businesses such as analytics, customer service, finance, inventory management and more. Being cloud ready is the current industry norm and AWS platform helps you become cloud-ready in shortest possible time.

Tools and Technologies We Use for Amazon Web Services

We use an extensive selection of Amazon web services technologies like CloudFront, Elastic load balancers, Elastic Blocks, Amazon elastic compute Cloud Service and AWS simple storage services to host your business applications. Besides, we use AWS cloud computing tools such as Cloud 9 and X-Ray to analyze and debug our software builds. We have successfully built enterprise applications using AWS Codestar in remarkable turnaround times. Also, we bank on our expertise in JavaScript python and PHP to optimize AWS cloud 9 to build bespoke cloud-based solutions that match your needs. We use mainstream database development and management frameworks such as MySQL and .NET to design database architecture which runs flawlessly on Amazon platforms.

Our Amazon Web Service Process

Requirement Understanding
We work closely with the client to understand their requirements in detail. We gather the specifics of requirements and initiate the planning of the technology stack

Implementation Planning
Based on a thorough understanding of client requirements, we plan the implementation of the project. All the functionalities of applications and database hosting strategies

Design and Development
All the functionalities of applications and the design of the database architecture to host them are completed. The development process of the technology stack is initiated

Management and Enhancement
Project managers are deployed to supervise the implemented project. Upgrades are introduced into the ecosystem periodically

Project Deployment
The completed project is deployed into the live business environment of the client and evaluated to monitor performance levels

Beta testing and Evaluation
The completed project is thoroughly tested for performance metrics. All glitches and problems are addressed and resolved

Know Our AWS Team

We are made up of a team of AWS Certified Solutions Architects, AWS Certified Developers, AWS Certified SysOps Administrators, AWS Certified Solutions architects and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer. All our professionals have thorough understanding of AWS architectural principles, basic security and compliance model on AWS and the core deployment and operating principles.

Our team members have wide experience working on the AWS Cloud Computing and so can guarantee the best possible solution for your Amazon Cloud Service needs. Our developers can work on Elastic Computing, Elastic Block Storage, Elastic Map Auto-Scaling Services, Load Balancing Services, Relation DB Services, CloudWatch, Virtual Private Cloud, Simple DB, Simple Storage Service etc.

Why Outsource Amazon Web Services to Getsmartcoders?

  • A highly experienced team of 1000+ AWS certified architects, developers, administrators etc
  • Comprehensive AWS support, starting from design and development to deployment and migration of applications to Amazon servers
  • Expertise in Amazon cloud computing platforms like, virtual private cloud, cloudwatch, Elastic Compute Cloud, CloudFront, Dynamodb and more
  • Thorough server performance analysis and optimization
  • 24x7 monitoring of issues from 8 global delivery centers
  • Up to 40% reduction in operation costs

Looking for an expert Amazon cloud services company to build customized cloud based solutions for your organization? Outsource Amazon web services to GetSmartCoders for world class services.

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