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Ensure Improved Business Flexibility and Scalability with Highly Customized Cloud Hosting Solutions

Getsmartcoders has over 10 years of experience in providing business enterprises with robust cloud managed services. We help you achieve cloud mobility by delivering bespoke ‘made to measure’ cloud configurations that are designed to suit your organizational goals and operational requirements. We leverage an expert team of certified cloud professionals whose expertise with cloud hosting solutions such as AWS, MS Azure, Netapp NPS and a whole other selection of native and hybrid cloud platforms helps us deliver both specialized and IAAS (infrastructure as a service) cloud service for the specific needs of your organization.

As a premium cloud hosting service provider, we are experts at understanding the performance requirements of your enterprise applications and software hosts. We use this knowledge to deploy cloud hosting implementations that deliver optimal requirements for your data storage and backup needs. Our cloud hosting services are designed to provide value for money solutions without compromising the on performance, security and reliability of the solution. Outsource cloud hosting services to us and rest assured of a world class cloud hosting solution.

Our Comprehensive Cloud Hosting Support Services

Application Management

Our application management services for the cloud includes managed cloud services, cloud server hosting, network operations, application stacks and cloud security services to manage their business applications. We constantly monitor your business tools and optimize them to work well with the cloud based back end. Our application management services as a cloud computing hosting provider enables you to predict monthly costs better and cut costs on IT expenditure.

Security and User Administration

Our team of network professionals are constantly on the job to perform load balancing duties so that your business applications are performing at the desired pace. While ensuring superior levels of performance, our team also ensures robust security of organizational data. We use firewall, antivirus and anti-malware software suites to ensure that all network vulnerabilities are mitigated before malignant user get a chance to exploit them.

Infrastructure Management

We adopt a round the clock support structure along with customized infrastructure management practices and policies to manage your networks and on cloud applications. Our services are regulated by stringent QA parameters, SLAs and periodic reporting services to give you a bird’s eye view of your cloud hosted IT infrastructure at all times. As a premium cloud hosting solutions provider we equip you with better control over your business applications and networks.

Performance Monitoring

Our personalized approach to cloud hosting services takes care of your disaster recovery needs while also delivering fast response times for any technical issues arising from our cloud hosting solution. Our team of experts are proficient in delivering quality technical support that is made more effective by our performance monitoring protocols that track the performance of your IT assets remotely.

The Technology we use

We are the official technology partners of all the major cloud hosting service providers. We leverage Microsoft Dynamics, Azure, AWS along with the latest cloud based solutions from SAP, Salesforce and Oracle to implement our cloud services. We carry out detailed cloud assessments and choose the best technology stack and supporting data center solutions, along with our host of network providers to deploy highly bankable cloud implementations for your organization. We use cloud ready enterprise application platforms to host all your business applications.

Build Your Ideas
cloud-hosting-support- Services

Our Process

Requirement and Readiness Assessment
We map all your existing IT infrastructure to create a roadmap for implementation. We design the cloud hosting process according to your business requirements and state of readiness to move to the cloud

Development of Implementation Strategy
We develop an implementation strategy based on our understanding of your requirements. All the applications, hosting services and operational configurations are determined in this step

Application and IT Services Deployment
We design applications that will be used by your internal teams and optimize them to work in a cloud based configuration. These applications are integrated with the cloud based ecosystem

Maintenance and Enhancement
We establish performance evaluation parameters to track and ensure quality of services after the implementation is complete. We upgrade the implementation with timely updates

Data Migration
All data sets and services are sequentially moved to the cloud. We dispatch log in credentials given

Testing and Evaluation
We adopt a systematic debugging process to eliminate all performance related issues in our implementation. The thorough testing process helps deploy a highly optimized solution that performs consistently.

Know Our Developers

Our team of cloud server hosting providers comprise computer programmers, network engineers and certified cloud hosting services experts. Our developers are AWS and Azure certified. They also have cloud security certification such as CCP and CCSP that enable us to provide you with single stop cloud hosting solutions. Our diverse skill sets make us well suited to understand your cloud based requirements down to the last detail and provide you with the right sized business solutions. We have a proven track record of excellence in helping business firms achieve great return on investment, reduce operational costs and accurately calculate data storage requirements to optimize your hosting solution. We use Heroku, Cloud Hub, Kinvery and Informatica Cloud to build progressive cloud based strategies.

Why Outsource Cloud Hosting Services to Getsmartcoders?

  • Over 10 years of experience in design and implementation of hybrid cloud hosting solutions
  • A team of 1000+ highly experienced team of certified professions with SSAE 16, FISMA, PCI and HIPAA compliant certifications
  • Proficiency with all mainstream cloud administration platforms such as Heroku, Kinvery and Cloud Hub along with cloud hosting services like AWS, Azure, SAP and Oracle Cloud Services
  • Highly scalable solutions built to the specific demands of our clients
  • Services crafted to the data storage needs and business requirements of clients
  • 100% data security, privacy and compliance
  • 24/7/365 support on all implementations

Looking for an expert cloud hosting services company to support your business with cloud-based IT services? Outsource cloud hosting services to us for cutting edge solutions.

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